#4 Sip a Smoothie :: Berry Orange Protein Smoothie

 Berry Orange Protein Smoothie :: Blooming on Bainbridge
Oh my goodness!
Are we only on #4 of 25 Ways to Sparkle and Grow Strong by Spring!
How does time get away? 
I guess I've been too busy getting my SPARKLE on!
And training at Northwest Strength Lab!
And trying to eat 5-6 healthy "feedings" per day, which is what James (the trainer) calls tiny meals that keep the body fueled and ENERGIZED and burning calories. I'm all about fueling my body but I gotta tell you, I struggle with staying organized when it comes to eating balanced, healthy "feedings" at particular times of the day. My head is swirling just thinking about it. I do have a food journal and I'm vowing that this is the week I'm going to nail THE FOOD!
See what I mean.
I've been busy.
I'm still working with contractors and construction supervisors and painters and wood crafters and shutter makers and landscapers and a brand new Maytag dryer that STILL is not working!
Oh well.
Such is life!
I promise I'll be back to blogging on a regular basis once the house is complete. Thank you for your patience my friends. I heart you! Big time!
Let's talk about how I've been turning my new kitchen into a SMOOTHIE bar!
Sipping a smoothie totally creates a SPARK within the body and soul. Especially smoothies that are balanced with protein, fat and complex carbohydrates.
Smoothies are the perfect grab & go meal. Yesterday I was headed to Seattle to get my hair highlighted. I sipped this yummy smoothie all the way over on the ferry.
Here's what you need to make what I'm calling the Berry Orange Protein Smoothie.
 photo 0a0a1jpg_zps811dc0e5.jpg
1 cup almond milk (fave almond milk)
1 - 1 1/2 cups frozen berries
juice of 1/2 an orange
1 tablespoon almond butter (Love Jason's Nut Butters)
3 Stevia packs (optional, I like it sweet)
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
 photo 0a0a2jpg_zps101f1e18.jpg Add berries, almond milk, almond butter, orange juice, stevia and protein powder to blender.  Berry Orange Protein Smoothie :: Blooming on Bainbridge Crank it up!
Pour it up!
And sip.
It's as easy and healthy and sparkly as that!
I'll be sharing lots of smoothie recipes in the weeks to come.
I'm totally rockin' the smoothies for my 7:30 a.m. "feeding."
What about you? Have you made a healthy smoothie lately?
SHINE bright my friends!
Spring is almost here!
Sparkle BIG!
Love & lots of tight hugs!
xoxox  Berry Orange Protein Smoothie :: Blooming on Bainbridge
 ...Quotes from LIVE FIT on Pinterest.
P.S. Furballs like smoothies too!
 photo 0a0a11jpg_zps8ba0bfa1.jpg
 photo 0aa0001small_zpsfa0467c7.jpg
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  1. This looks amazing, Teresa. We are all about smoothies here, too. They just make the perfect little pick me up. I can't wait to try this one!

    1. I know you make some yummy smoothies in your beautiful kitchen Robyn.
      Maybe you'll include a SMOOTHIE section in the cookbook I'm begging you for! xoxo

    2. And have you tried giving your furballs a little taste of a smoothie? xo

  2. Great ingredients. Enjoyed these photos, too!

  3. First of all, I love your kitchen paint and wallpaper colours. Perfect matches for your dutch door! Also, your kitchen floors are gorgeous and the wooden heat vents...love!

    This smoothie looks delicious. Is it bad that I usually add some ice cream to my smoothies? :)

    1. Ice cream in SMOOTHIES!
      Now that sounds good!
      And thank you for the compliments on the wallpaper & floors.
      Love how you always notice the little things Paula.

  4. So pretty!!! I love the idea of a little almond butter in there, too!

  5. Yum! Love the green apple & almond butter...thx T! Cheryl Ann

  6. Yum! Love the green apple & almond butter...thx T! Cheryl Ann