#1 Climb a Mountain!

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Not too long ago we moved to a little beach cottage on Whidbey Island to live until our home on Bainbridge Island was ready.
The first weekend we were there the sun was bright and we couldn't wait to hit a good trail.
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At the foot of the bluff there were rolling, green hills as far as the eye could see.
But that wasn't why I chose Ebey's Landing for our first big hike on Whidbey!
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We'd been cooped up in the stress of buying and selling and remodeling for what seemed like forever. It was time to climb!
Time for a good pull.
We needed to breathe the fresh air that can only be found at elevations higher than sea level.
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As soon as we topped the first bluff all I could think about was how much we needed this.
Over and over in my mind and out loud I kept saying:
"We needed this.
    We needed this.
       Oh! We needed this!"
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I'll have to say.
I've always loved a good climb.
Whenever or wherever I see a hill, an incline, a sky-high staircase or even a mountain, I always yearn to climb it.
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Once before leaving for a trip to Europe I told Greg I was going to climb every staircase we encountered instead of taking escalators or elevators. Whatever the situation I would always climb the stairs. Once I found myself a thousand stairs deep into The Tube in London. As Greg took the escalator he watched as I took every one of those steps WAY up to the top. Once I made the commitment to CLIMB, I kept on climbing.
 photo 018_zps3246a238.jpg One thing I've learned about climbing is that no matter how high or how long the climb is you always feel lighter after climbing up.
Things that seemed a burden at the bottom don't seem like such a burden at the top.
Once you've pushed through a climb it's like the things that might have been weighting you down at the foot of the hill aren't as heavy at the top.  photo 019_zpse5fab1bc.jpg You may think I'm full of it but seriously...this is how climbing feels for me.  photo 020_zps4338cc49.jpg Needless to say it makes me SPARKLE!  photo 021_zpsff4abf03.jpg It's also off the charts for growing STRONG!
Not just physically strong...but mentally and spiritually.  photo 01_zps1a184ae8.jpg
You may not have a mountain to climb in your back yard.
You may live in a place with very few inclines.
I get it.
We're lucky here in the Northwest to be surrounded by gorgeous mountains with trails & lots & lots of hills and inclines.
My challenge to you is this.
Mindfully seek out SOMETHING TO CLIMB and GO climb it.
Even if you've never climbed a really steep incline...just go try it.
See how you feel at the top!
See if you feel STRONGER and lighter!
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So there you have it.  photo 023_zpsd059b3af.jpg #1 of 25 Ways to SPARKLE & GROW STRONG by Spring!
Climb a mountain!
Climb an incline!
Just climb!
Shine bright & SPARKLE big!
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  1. This is a wonderful post, Teresa. I am getting ready to undergo some of the same challenges you are in now with housing. This will be the 15th time for me. Always before I have looked forward to the challenge but this time I am dreading it. Hang in there-you are doing great. Have you posted any pictures of the house you are working on yet? xo Diana

    1. Hi Diana! Thank you!
      Are you getting ready to remodel your entire home or a room? Can't imagine going through this 15 times! You're a PRO! And as you know it will all be worth the time and energy once it's complete.
      Keep me posted on how it's going!

  2. Just like you, I love to climb. Looking forward to our climbing and hiking in California in March.


    1. And this is why you SPARKLE so bright Kat!
      Looking forward to hearing all about your trip to CA!
      Where will you be hiking? Love hiking in CA!!!! ;)

  3. Gorgeous!!! I love this post!!!!!!

  4. Fab pics! That blue sea and sky..how I LONG for sun here in dreary,raining England.
    I used to dread the uphill climbs on our walks...but that was before I lost 4 stones...now I RUN up those inclines! Happy walking to you Teresa.LOVE that last furball pic. XXXX

  5. I don't think that you are *full of it* at all. I do think that you are one of the most soulful, determined and committed people I *know.* Not to mention a wonderful photographer! Continuing climbing, physically and mentally. As you know, gazing back from at you started is breathtaking and inspirational.

  6. Sorry, that should have read *gazing back at where you started from is breathtaking and inspirational* XO

  7. Well done Teresa for doing this and your thoughts are so good. You are right about feeling lighter when you get to the top!! I hope that you keep feeling lighter and sparklier. xx

  8. I love hiking. Especially by the ocean. :) Thanks for the picture of adorable Isabell such a face to kiss. ;)

    Have a blessed week.


  9. Ooo...I love this. I think we'll have to drive over to the "hill country" so we can do some climbing!

  10. I love to climb! Before when I was a runner (pre bad knee issues) I could do inclines but can't say I loved them. Now that walking is my choice and an incline is my ticket to awesome cardio! I love to climb mountains too. Tim and I have tackled some pretty intense inclines on our hiking adventures. Up Up Up we go Teresa! Your post is making me SPARKLE!! Have a great weekend:)))

    1. You & Tim need to meet Greg & I in Switzerland and climb the Alps together! Greg and I have tackled some pretty intense inclines together too and there's nothing more bonding! You know I'm right! Couples that HIKE together STAY together! xoxoxoox Sparkle on Sista! Love you Sarah! xo

  11. What a great post!!! I live in San Diego where we can go find hills and some bluffs to climb but I love to take the stairs too whenever I can. Love Whidbey and I am coming to Bainbridge at the end of Feb to an art retreat and I can hardly wait to visit your sweet island!!!! Climb on!!! :))

  12. What a great post!!! I live in San Diego where we can go find hills and some bluffs to climb but I love to take the stairs too whenever I can. Love Whidbey and I am coming to Bainbridge at the end of Feb to an art retreat and I can hardly wait to visit your sweet island!!!! Climb on!!! :))

  13. Ah Teresa you and doggy sparkle even without these climbs! Your words sparkle! I was a climber of mountains in Arizona up until 3 yrs. ago when hip and knee arthritis prevented me from going.Waaaa! Oh well I am walking daily in the snow here during my frosty snowy Canadian winter!
    Being out in the fresh air does bring a glow to ones looks and lifts the spirit!
    Wonderful scenery as you hike upwards...the view is so worth it!
    Nice to connect once again. Hugs Anna