Cream of Broccoli Soup

 photo 0a1_zpse7fd01b0.jpg Did I mention I got a new kitchen gadget?
Now that I have it.
I seriously can't believe I've lived all these years without it.
It's the perfect gadget for whipping up healthy, jam-packed-with-nutrients, soup.
So much easier than transferring the hot soup into a blender.
 photo 0a2_zpse6697f80.jpg This soup is so scrumptious.
I woke up and had it for breakfast one morning.
Then I had it for lunch.
And then again for dinner.
It's not the most flattering soup to photograph but believe me, it's pure comfort to eat.
Wanna make it?
Here's what's up & what you need.
Lots of green veggies! photo 0a5_zpse954f87f.jpg
Lots of flavor.
 photo 0a6_zpsc88cf22b.jpg And healthy fats!
Did I mention this soup is dairy-free, gluten-free and pure Paleo as far as I can tell.
 photo 0a8_zps7ee5360d.jpg  photo 0a9_zpsdc86358e.jpg

 photo 0000a_zps07fdf9cd.jpg 
Cream of Broccoli Soup
Makes a big ole' pot.
10 cups fresh, organic broccoli (frozen is fine too)
1 large onion, roughly chopped
1 leek, roughly sliced
1 bunch of celery, roughly chopped
1 cup fresh or frozen pearl onions
4 cups organic beef broth
4 cups organic chicken broth (all chicken or veggie broth is fine)
2 tablespoons organic ghee
1 can coconut milk
sea salt, pepper & garlic powder to taste
toasted pumpkin seeds & chopped green onion for toppings
protein of choice (optional)
Begin by washing and roughly chopping the veggies.   photo 0a10_zps1f72f0bd.jpg  photo 0a15_zps7d739db3.jpg  photo 0a17_zps07c4d951.jpg  photo 0a19_zps95134912.jpg
Add ghee to a large Dutch oven.
Saute chopped onion, celery and leeks on medium high until tender.
Season as you saute.  photo 0a33_zpsbaa6d5f5.jpg Meanwhile.
Let's give these adorable little pearl onions the attention they deserve.
 photo 0a16_zps8f28f8b5.jpg If using fresh pearl onions, you'll need to prep them for the soup.
Cut the tip (opposite the root) off of each little onion.
Blanch the pearl onions in boiling water for 2 minutes.  photo 0a22_zpsaa5c84ae.jpg Give the onions an ice bath.  photo 0a24_zps31e165cd.jpg The skins on the onions will slide right off.  photo 0a26_zpsa446d372.jpg Set the onions aside.  photo 0a28_zps6c5eef43.jpg Add chicken and beef broth to the pot.  photo 0a30_zps1ab8aacb.jpg Now add the broccoli.  photo 0a31_zps0cc4cd4c.jpg Bring broccoli to a boil and simmer until tender.
Add the pearl onions to cooked broccoli.  photo 0a40_zps4797ec32.jpg Puree the soup using an immersion blender.
Add coconut milk and continue to blend.
 photo 0a41_zps6e8db4d6.jpg Dont forget the toppings.  photo 0a42_zpse22f4ddb.jpg Add protein for a complete Paleo meal in a bowl.  photo 0a46_zps2278f3bd.jpg You trust me. Right?
Believe me when I say you need this bowl of green goodness in your life.
Promise me you'll treat yourself, your family and your body to this soup.
Gotta balance out all the sweet treats like Ginger Cookies!
Happy Weekend my friends!
Thanks to Bridget for helping me figure out how to install the new "Print Recipe" button and for texting a video tutorial on how to create a "print recipe" document! Thanks B! 
Enjoy the holidays.
Shine bright and glow big!
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  1. A lot of soup is consumed in this household over the Fall and Winter months. This looks like a keeper recipe. Don't know that I'd have myself a bowl for breakfast, but definitely for lunch and/or dinner :)
    Happy Weekend to you too Teresa!

  2. Don't you just love a stick/immersion blender for making soup. No ladels, no moving it from one pot to another, just blend and serve! Has to be a great idea. I love mine Teresa. xx

  3. Love, love, love my immersion blender! And this soup looks really good! Will definitely try it!

  4. Hi Teresa! What do you know...broccoli soup,one of my favourites.Have you tried it with stilton?...takes it to another level.I have soup for lunch nearly every day in the Winter.Helps keep those pounds off as it's filling,and tasty.
    Wishing you,Greg and the fur balls a very H*A*P*P*Y C*H*R*I*S*T*M*A*S and warm wishes for 2014.

    Bellaboo X

  5. If you have never tried a green drink before, I should tell you that it doesn’t exactly taste like a milk shake or your favorite soft drink (when mixed only with water).