Grapefruit Strawberry Juice and the 80/20 Juicing Ratio

Grapefruit Strawberry Juice:::Blooming on Bainbridge
Take a look at this gorgeous juice!
The moral of this story is:
You don't always have to GO GREEN when juicing.
At least that's what I say.  Grapefruit Strawberry Juice ::: Blooming on Bainbridge I've been advised by a heap load of PRO-JUICERS to juice with an 80/20 ratio in mind. This means that juices should contain 80% green veggies to 20% fruit. Following this general rule of "healthy" thumb prevents the intake of too much sugar. It also takes advantage of the higher nutrient content provided by the GREEN veggies.
Man oh man!
That's a mouth-ful!
Did I just type that?
Who am I?
Sorry to be getting all science-like on you but these things are really important to know when you're embarking on a highly-healthy way of fueling the body. Honestly. I've learned more about the realities of food over the past year than I have in a lifetime thanks to Stephanie's 90 Day Total Transformation program.
About this gorgeous, pink juice.
I'll be honest.
Sometimes I don't like the juice I juice to be GREEN.
I said it.
Sometimes I get sick of snotty, colored green juice. Sometimes I crave color and flavor that's not muted and muddled by adding GREEN to the mixture of things.
Sometimes I crave a sip of the tropics!
Does that make me a wuss in the world of juicing? Surely not.
That's because I totally respect the importance of following the 80% green veggies to 20% fruit ratio when juicing or whipping up a smoothie.  Every time a piece of fruit is tossed in the juicier or blender, sugar has been added to the mix. I get it. Sugar is sugar. There's no way around it.
In moderation.
Lovely, tropical, fruity drinks can greatly enhance the world of juicing.
Grapefruit is an excellent source of nutrients and beneficial antioxidants!
Strawberries are too!
That's why I didn't feel an ounce of guilt juicing up these lovely grapefruits!
Grapefruit Strawberry Juice ::: Blooming on Bainbridge
Grapefruit Strawberry Juice
3 grapefruits, lightly peeled
2 cups strawberries, roughly chopped
2 tablespoon Stevia powder, or sweetener of choice
Juicer  Grapefruit Strawberry Juice ::: Blooming on BainbridgeLightly peel the grapefruit.
Leave some of the white part that's jammed packed with nutrients.
 Grapefruit Strawberry Juice ::: Blooming on Bainbridge Roughly chop the strawberries.
Add grapefruit and strawberries to juicer.
After juicing, add Stevia or sweetener of choice.
Use less Stevia if you're not addicted to SWEETS!
I realize I need help.
Grapefruit Strawberry Juice ::: Blooming on Bainbridge Give it a stir!
Stand back.
Bow at the gorgeousness of this juice! Grapefruit Strawberry Juice ::: Blooming on Bainbridge Take a sip!
You will SMILE!
I know these things!
I do. For real. I do.
Pour up what's left in a recycled juice bottle! Grapefruit Strawberry Juice ::: Blooming on Bainbridge Grapefruit Strawberry Juice ::: Blooming on Bainbridge Pop it in the fridge.
Add a splash of this tropical goodness to your bottle full of water.
Lots of times I just need a little sip of something sweet during the day.
I just pop open the fridge and take a swig of this beautiful juice.
Feels so right. 
Feels so good. 
Feels so healthy!
  Live in the SUNSHINE ::: Blooming on Bainbridge
Live in the SUNSHINE!
That's what I say!
Cheers to living healthy!
Cheers to juicing!
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  1. Mmm...that's some lovely looking juice! My guilty pleasure lately has been pineapple-pear-strawberry. Yum! You are so right, sometimes you just need something other than green. (And we successfully completed our fast!!!)

    1. Pineapple + Pear + Strawberry!
      That's over the moon yummy!
      Love that combo! I'll be juicing that for sure!

  2. Now THIS is a juice I can get behind! It looks so refreshing!! Keep up the great posts! I love this journey you are on!! :)) xo

    1. Oh I'm so happy you like it!
      Honestly this was one of the yummiest things I've ever sipped!
      Thanks for the encouragement on the healthy post!
      Life can't always be sprinkles & icing! ;)
      It's all about balance...right?

  3. I love the COLOR of this juice! I bet my dad would love it....he's a big fan of grapefruit juice! :)

    1. Is this not the yummmmmmiest color!
      I just LOVE pink drinks!
      And pink lips!
      Don't you! ;)

  4. Gorgeous color and gorgeous flavor! You are a role model for me Teresa :)

  5. Looks yummy.


  6. So fresh looking photos! I'm going to try your receipt. Does your grapefruit "light peeling" give the bitter taste to the juice? I know that grapefruit has really bitter peeling. So you'll need to add more sweetener.

  7. Thank for the recipe. This looks good. I would love to make this juice soon ;)

  8. You rock that pink juice! You have to remember that you are probably not only loving and missing the sugary treats you make, but also missing the creativity, beauty, and joy that making confections brings to your life. So if you are getting that joy by making a 100% fruit pink "happy" juice, then you have found a healthy creativity outlet while not undoing the healthy process!

    Big XOXOXO to you.

  9. Gosh, that looks so good!

    Big hugs,

    Miss Daisy sends hugs and kisses to her friends!

  10. I love beets too! Thanks for this new juice idea; I will try it for sure!

  11. Add an organic apple for sweetness it's absolutely perfect