Easter Candy Cookies

Easter Candy Cookies :: Blooming on Bainbridge
I couldn't resist.
I just had to chop up more Easter candy.
That Easter Bunny Bark sent me to the moon and back!
I've been sky-high on Easter candy!
 photo 0a18_zps6935c2ad.jpg Here's the thing about Easter Candy.
It's not the same as Halloween, Christmas and Valentines.
Easter candy tugs at the heart strings.
We're sentimentally attached to chocolate bunnies, malted eggs, speckled jelly beans, Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs and PEEPS! Most of us grew up celebrating Easter and hunting Easter eggs. My mother always hid the Easter candy in the living room. She delivered Easter baskets to our beds. Then we'd go to the living room and look for candy. Mother would say if we were "hot" or "cold" or "luke-warm." It was the biggest deal to find the candy. We always took Easter candy in our new Easter purses to church.
It seems like just yesterday my sister and I were painting our lips blue with malted eggs. Maybe that's because we still do! Maybe that's because we always call each other, every, single, year when we spot the first bag of Brach's Malted Easter Eggs!   Easter Candy Cookies Blooming on Bainbridge photo 0a9_zpsf0005e6e.jpg
I'm so excited about these cookies!
That's because they're not just adorable and FUN and perfect for parties!
These cookies are seriously scrumptious!
I know you believe me.
Easter Candy Cookies :: Blooming on Bainbridge
Here's what you need.
 photo 0aa_zpse47954f1.jpg
Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
Follow the recipe for M&M Cookies.
Substitute M&Ms with 2 cups {or more} of Easter Candy.
 photo 0a17_zpsb2b43efb.jpg Begin by making the cookie dough. Roughly chop the Easter candy.  photo 0a19_zps90888461.jpg Easter Candy Cookies photo 0a11_zpsece02d2b.jpg Add all but 1/2 cup of the candy to the cookie dough.
Save about 1/2 cup of candy to press in cookies right before baking.
 photo 0a21_zps96b2319d.jpg Keep on adding candy!  photo 0a23_zps4a9e5ab7.jpg If that's not HAPPY I don't know what is!  photo 0a25_zpsbfdeb0fd.jpg Gently stir the dough.  photo 0a26_zpsd548e82a.jpg Line a baking sheet with parchment paper or grease Fat Daddio's Muffin Pan.
 photo 0a28_zpsea7a6257.jpg Scoop cookie dough in balls onto baking sheet.  photo 0a30_zps4ec56d1d.jpg Gently pat cookies down a bit.  photo 0a31_zpsca5659aa.jpg Add more Easter candy chunks to cookie.  photo 0a32_zpsc7a598bc.jpg Make sure chunks are pressed into dough but still sticking up.  photo 0a35_zpsfb34659f.jpg Bake at 375 degrees for 10 minutes. Don't over bake the cookies.  photo 0a40_zpsd6328d63.jpg Let the cookies cool for several minutes while in/on the pan.  photo 0a37_zps9dcfaa2f.jpg Stare and smile at the cookies.
Let them know how in love you are with every, little, adorable, sweet, thing about them.
Transfer cookies to cooling rack. Easter Candy Cookies :: Blooming on Bainbridge These cookies require lots of attention.
Continue to gaze upon them ooooooooohing and awwwwwwing over the loveliness. Easter Candy Cookies :: Blooming on Bainbridge Take a bite. Easter Candy Cookies photo 0a8_zps892909b7.jpg Fall in love.
The End.
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  1. I am so in love with these cookies. As in, I NEEEED these cookies!!! Can you believe I STILL don't have one of those pans? I think I need to run to Sur La Table right this very second!

    I can just picture you and your sister with your sweet Easter purses full of candy! And did you get new Easter shoes, too...what you weren't allowed to wear UNTIL Easter Sunday? ;)

    1. As I was writing this post I kept picturing those little white Easter socks with eyelet lace. And the little shoes that buckled and my hair parted on the side with a barrette.
      Then as we were older we wore the white nylon knee socks with the buckled shoes.
      Please go get this pan!
      I'm positive you will LOVE!

  2. I love me a deep dish cookie! These look amazing!!

    1. Thanks Sweet Girly!
      I love that muffin top pan!

  3. Wow Teresa these look fun and yummy. I do have to get me one of those pans. Hope you all have a Happy blessed Easter. Are your furbabies getting Easter baskets? Mine are. ;)


  4. aren't they beautiful! I make Oatmeal M&M cookies last night, but they didn't turn out quite as pretty as these!

  5. You are so cute! I love your posts! And those cookies look A-Mazing.

  6. It's great to be healthy...but I have to tell you I have missed these posts!! These are SO FUN and pretty! Looking forward to making them this weekend.

    Hope you are doing well :)

  7. I found a pan like this at JCPenney in the clearance section with no tag or anything and the salesman charged my $3. Have no idea if that's a good deal or not but at the time I had no idea what the pan was even for I just knew I needed it to add to my collection of bakeware. Now I can not wait to make yummy thick cookies! Especially on Monday when Easter candy is half off! ;)

  8. Ha ha! My sister and I used to paint our lips, too....38 or so years ago! YIKES! I was reminded of it (as every Easter) when my boys (6 of them) were eyeing their malted milk balls. When I told them what we used to do, they kinda looked at me and asked "Why"? Hmmmm...they live in a girl-deprived home.

  9. Oh my stars!!!!!!!!!!! I want that cookie pan!!!!!!! I want those cookies!!!!!!!!!! I want to be your neighbor so maybe you will bring me some cookies and we can paint our lips with blue malt balls left over from Easter!

    XOXO~ Katie
    Teacher to the Core Blizz-ogg

  10. ***Update**** My hubby bought me 4 of the pans for mother's day! So happy!!!