Basking in the Sun with Furballs

Isabelle-Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Well Hello There!
Don't mind us.
We've been taking it easy, basking in the SUN!
No really. 
That's why we haven't posted on the blog in two weeks! ;)
Doogan-Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier I know.
You know.
That's not all we've been up to.
But when the SUN decides to SHINE here on Bainbridge Island I can promise you we're out basking, enjoying every glorious moment! Photobucket
I really didn't mean to take such a lonnnnnng break from the blog, but in no time at all, two whole weeks had past. I've been knee deep in fabric, sewing for Bags by Bloom, prepping to open in March. Photobucket Can you believe what a beautiful little lady Miss Isabelle is growing to be?
She's such a precious angel. She and Doogan are growing closer every day. She's the perfect little sister for Doogan. There have been times I've wondered if Doogan would ever grow to relax and enjoy this little Sweet-Pea. Photobucket I know it's hard to believe that Isabelle could present a challenge for Doogan. We realized early on that Doogan was desperate to see that Isabelle would not distract from the love, attention and constant care we've given him before her arrival. We could clearly see the concern in Doogan's eyes. There were times he would lay in my lap, watching her play, breathing deep and heavy. I could feel the tension building in Doogan as he watched her. This is when I realized Greg and I would need to devote an ample amount of time securing insecurities in Doogan that Isabelle was bringing about.
I've also had to let go and take a back seat to the lessons Doogan needed to teach Isabelle. At times it seemed as if Doogan was being too hard on Isabelle. It hurt me to see Isabelle being scolded by Doogan, but I had faith and trusted that Doogan knew the importance of the lessons he was teaching.    PhotobucketFortunately Isabelle has adored Doogan since the beginning. She's been very patient and forgiving as Doogan has sorted through the many emotions her presence has brought about. Early this morning I woke up to find them both snuggled between Greg and I in bed. It made my heart smile to see these precious furballs finding comfort in being near to one another. Such a sweet journey that grows sweeter everyday.
Photobucket What about you?
Have you been basking in the SUNSHINE?
Hugs and LOVE from us to you!
Have a lovely week.
Thanks to Miss Judith for always being there to guide us.
Thanks to Miss Julie for keeping us so fluffy!
We love you both!
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  1. It does my heart good to read a post from you!! LOVE to see both Isabelle AND Doogan enjoying each other in the sunshine!! We haven't had any sun here lately and I sure hope it shows up sometime SOON!! Glad to hear that your business is coming along!! Miss you when aren't around! xo Jeanne, Chloe and LadyBug

    1. You are such a sweetie Jeanne.
      Thanks for always sending SMILES our way!
      Snuggles to you and your fur babies.

  2. I'm so happy they are getting along. It took our babies awhile too. Glad your back.


    Cottage Making Mommy

  3. Oh...your Doogan has a sister...congratulations!! Somehow I missed her arrival (not doing the blog thing much these days....always love reading yours though dear Teresa).
    Looking forward to seeing your Bloomin' they're beautiful...hope you ship to Canada (Victoria).
    Cheers :) to you dear friend.
    (formerly NanasKitchen aka Sweet Dreams and Memories...??)new blog PumpkinsandGinger re-releasing soon...maybe..if there is time in a day.

    1. Yeah!
      Hello there Debbie!
      So happy to hear from you!
      Of course Bags by Bloom will ship to Canada!
      Good Luck with your new blog!

  4. Beautiful pictures! So glad you're back! So glad Doogan is enjoying Isabelle now! We have a Shih Tzu who was so terribly lonely while we were gone teaching during the day. We decided to get a friend for her and, I have to tell you, it was rough at first. Now they are best friends and more importantly it cured our first Shih Tzu's awful loneliness. Now, she is happy but not desperate to see us when we come home!
    Justin (Husband of Katie Knight at Teacher To The Core)
    Writing Pad Dad Blog
    Writing Pad Dad on Facebook

  5. Awww...sometimes it's good to step away from the computer and LIVE LIFE! ;) But, I've missed you!!!

    Doogan & Isabelle are so sweet. We got Spike & Bluebell at the same time, but he is very definitely the "alpha cat," and will let her know it. Can't wait to meet Miss Izzy in person one of these days!

  6. Your furballs are sweet angels. They are a ray of sunshine for me. There is something about their eyes & their spirits that bring me peace. I will never get tired of seeing them. I'm excited for your business to open.

  7. I am so looking forward to seeing the Bloom bags! Your style is pure JOY and I know you will be very successful. The furballs are so're a great mom! Cheryl Ann

  8. I always enjoy seeing your precious pups, and the puppy is growing so fast!

    Can't wait for the opening in March! I know you must be so excited. YAY! YAY! YAY!

  9. Doogan and Isabelle are the cutest dog names... AND the cutest dogs along with my Lucy... I know you are probably sewing away! Can't wait! Cheryl Ann

  10. I love your new little girl she is adorable. I can wait to see all your bags. :)

  11. You know I love pictures of your precious fur babies. So adorable and sweet. Glad to hear all is well. Hope your sewing is going well and your back to posting soon. Enjoy your blog lots.


  12. Miss your cheerful posts!! You have such great energy; enthusiasm...and it's contagious!!

    I hope you are well...enjoying the sunshine, the doggies, your yoga....

  13. Miss you T...hope you will be back blogging soon. Cheryl Ann

  14. Just found your blog. Your dogs are beautiful. We have five dogs all different shapes and sizes. We love them to bits they bring us such happiness every day, even though they are hard work.

  15. Where did you disappear to, lady? It's been forever since you posted a blog! :)