PINK Juice

PINK Juice Quick!
If you don't like pink, click off this post!
If you do like pink, stay tuned to see how this gorgeous PINK juice came to be.
Best juice I've ever juiced!
Seriously! It is! And it's not just because I'm obsessed with pink.
I've had beets on the grocery list for weeks now.
Funny thing is, whenever I go to the market to get the beets, I always pass them by.
Several times I've picked them up, and held em' and loved em' but I put them back.
That's because beets are a bit intimidating!
Look at those beets!
They honestly look like they've just been pulled from the garden. And basically they have. Photobucket But this time I decided to rise to the occasion and go for it!
To heck with "beet phobia!"
Photobucket Once I got going it was like we were always meant to be. Photobucket I was peeling and loving and smiling and peeling and chopping!
Is it weird that I could hardly wait to juice these beautiful beets?
And by the way~ I like PINK hands! Photobucket Here's what I juiced to create the BEST PINK JUICE ever! Photobucket Pretty sure you know how I felt when that lovely shade of pink started coming through the juicer. Photobucket It was true love at first sight! For real!Photobucket Here's what else I added to sweeten things up a bit. Photobucket Photobucket This pink juice is rich and smooth and velvet like. Photobucket All gone!
Happy Girl!
So Healthy!
So in love with PINK juice!
Happy juicing!
Cheers to Healthy Whole Eating & Living!
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  1. I just discovered your 40 days of Healthy posts and am LOVING them!!! Your blog just makes me SMILE big! SO glad to have found it. Yesterday, I ordered the juicer you linked to and I am SO excited to get started. Pinning your recipes and anxious to try them. Have a great day!!!

    1. Kim!
      You just made me so happy! Delighted to hear that you are loving the 40 Days series!
      You inspire me to keep posting about HEALTHY~WHOLE living!
      Thank you!
      You will love the Breville juicer.
      Email me if you have questions or need any juicer tips.
      One thing you can do is place a plastic bag in the container where the pulp from the fruit and veggies goes after juicing. That way when you're finished juicing you can just lift the plastic bag out of the container. No mess. And I put all the parts to the juicer in the dishwasher!
      Happy Juicing!
      And. Thanks again!
      Hugs & LOVE!

  2. REMEMBER the beets. Check!
    Thanks Teresa. This juice looks delicious.
    Great to be with you this morning at yoga.

    1. Annnnnnnie!
      I loved YOGA this morning!
      I bet you don't let BEETS intimidate you in the grocery store! ;)
      I need to bring you some BEET juice to yoga next Wed. morning!
      Hugs & LOVE to you sweet one!

  3. So, so pretty!!! I love the color of beets! I bet that was really yummy with the apples and cinnamon, too!

    Guess what? One time I made beet CAKE! You know I did, T! ;)

    1. Well of course you made a BEET CAKE!
      Make me SMILE so BIG!
      Next time you come to Bainbridge I'm pulling out the JUICER and then we're heading to YOGA! ;)

  4. I love beets too! Thanks for this new juice idea; I will try it for sure!

    1. Hi Felicia!
      Do you and Dustin have a juicer?
      Thanks for popping by!
      We'll have to swap juice recipes!

  5. Thanks for the interesting recipe. I followed your recipe almost exactly and got absolutely deliciousjuice at the end.