Day 10: The Daily Dozen

Photobucket Oh My Goodness!
The days get away! Especially when you've got a Sweet-Pea that is recovering from surgery. Photobucket
Thank you for the care and concern you have shown this little angel.
Isabelle is recovering well but does not like the cone on her head. The first night home she began whimpering, which turned into a cry. Turns out every time I loved on her and took the cone off she stopped crying. She honestly freezes when she's wearing it. When she's not frozen she's going in circles trying to figure out which way to go. It doesn't help that her brother stares at her like she's an alien & turns his back on her AND leaves the room. Sad. I know.
I've spent much of my time over the past few days laying with her and sweet talking her through this traumatic ordeal. Every day is better.
So let's talk about The Daily Dozen and how 12 things that I do every single day play into whole living.
Here's the thing.
This list has basically been the same for the past 20 years, give or take a few things like juicing and hot yoga , which by the way, I knew nothing about before meeting Stephanie & Jen.
Here's what worries me.
There are days that get away and I haven't even accomplished the basics in life.
The basics being these 12 things. 
Daily routines I consider essential to keeping my life and myself balanced and glowing.
That's why I'm making a concentrated effort to do these basic things every day.
The daily dozen list is at the core of whole living for me.
It encompasses all the things that mean the most to me and create THE BEST within me.
Number 1 on the list.
Going GREEN!
Photobucket  JUICING DAILY! 
Beginning every day with a big glass of HEALTHY GREEN JUICE has become vital in the daily scheme of things! That's because it's the most nutritious way to start a day! It is. There's no way around it!
Number 2.Photobucket I love to get up early and sit in the dark with my coffee. It's peaceful. Almost like meditating. I just sit, and stare and rest my mind. That's all. Just sit and stare and feel the warmth of the fire.
Number 3.
Journaling and touching base with my day/life planner. Photobucket There's nothing that makes me feel better than journaling.
I like feeling in touch with my thoughts and my plans.
It centers me. And I like that.
Number 4. Photobucket It's just crazy to think that a day could go by without stopping to pray. This is when I know my mind is cluttered & clogged. Not one thing should come before the time I spend with God every day.
Number 5.
Photobucket I don't even know who I am if I go a day without washing and hydrating my face.
Who does that? Seriously.
I'm not even going there!
Number 6.
Speaking of hydration, lately I've had to make a concentrated effort to fill my water bottle with ice and water so that it's ready to sip all day! Photobucket Why am I having to concentrate to get this done!
Who am I!
Is life so crazy that I have trouble stopping to fill a bottle of water?
It takes all day to drink 100 ounces of water!
Maybe I need to get the water bottle ready the night before. Let's move on.
Number 7. 
Walking and hiking with furry children. Photobucket This is a must.
They count on this outing.
It's good for the soul.
It can't be skipped.
It's life & I'm grateful.
Number 8.
Photobucket Even if it's just for 30 minutes a day, reading self-nourishing material keeps me learning and growing and living with intention. By the way, have you ever popped into the sun-shiney world of Kris Carr? I'm in LOVE!
Number 9. Photobucket I don't know about you but I wanna live the extra 6 years that flossing adds to your life! Don't you?
Number 10.
Practicing yoga every, single, day. Photobucket Before I discovered yoga, I didn't even know it was a practice. I sure didn't know that yoga was something you carried off of the mat and used throughout the day. Who knew how important the practice of yoga is on a daily basis. Not me. But I do now. That's why I've committed to 40 Days of YOGA. That's why I'm striving to break the cycles of neglect that I go through when I toss my practice aside. It's a journey, and I'm always traveling.
Number 11. Photobucket
My poor little feet suffer lots of wear & tear. I go for monthly pedicures put my feet need attention every day. Buffing and slathering my feet with shea butter every night keeps them pampered and looking smooth and pretty. I like smooth feet. Don't you?
Number 12.
Last, but by no means least on the daily dozen list. PhotobucketHugging Greg may sound crazy to have on a list but I am telling you, there are days that go by and I don't take the time to wrap my arms around the man that I love and tell him how much I love and appreciate him.
What if I lost him?
What if tomorrow he wasn't here for me to hug?
Shhhhhhh. Don't tell my Daddy, but years ago my Mother committed to hugging him every single morning. And that's what happens. Every single morning when my Mother greets my Daddy she gives him a big bear hug and whispers "I love you."
Seriously. She does it every morning. Can't take the sweetness.
This is what I'm vowing to do. Life is too short.
Hug him today! Tonight! All day long!
And there you have it.
Twelve things that I do every day when I'm living whole and true to what makes me happy in life.
What about you?
Do you have a list of daily things? It's all part of what I call whole-healthy living.
Happy Weekend my friends!
See you on Monday!
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  1. I would love to hear about you and your hubby's story like how and where you met. (I realize my comment is off topic.)

  2. You are such an awesome person. I love following you on IG and keeping up with your blog. I'm a Philosophy girl too. I was using cheap stuff for awhile & my face was not looking good. I went back to Philosophy & it's looking better.

  3. My husband just purchased a Jesus Calling Devotional Bible at Tree of Life in Lincoln City, OR. He has loved the Jesus Calling devotionals and has given many of them to friends.

  4. So glad Isabelle is doing ok! It is traumatizing when our furry kiddos aren't feeling well, isn't it?
    Justin- Writing Pad Dad
    Follow my blog!
    Like me on Facebook!

  5. oh i love this post! sorry about your baby but i am sure she will be fine :) i too juice daily. and i tell my hubby i lve him throughout the day (what if I lost him too?!) have a great weekend love!

  6. Teresa, every time I visit your blog it puts a smile on my face and inspires me to want to do better :) glad I can follow along your journey through your blog - you always give me food for just Thank You..very much!

  7. Hi Teresa
    enjoyed your post but uh.. hubby hugging shouldnt be number 12 on your list. ;) Oh and your sweet little girl she looks so sad in the eyes. When the cone is all gone you must post a happy one of her on your blog. :) Have a sweet week.


  8. I LOVE this!! Thanks for sharing!! :)

  9. (Just so you know - I post your cute/informative posts on my Facebook page sometimes! :)

    1. You are sweet Melissa!
      Hugs to you from Bainbridge Island!

  10. Totally inspiring! I've been out of the yoga "practice" for two years now and miss it. Crazy Sexy Diet looks like something I need to check out. Walking the fur baby is a ritual for me. Now I just need to incorporate the hubby hugs into a daily ritual.

    1. Hubby hugs are the BEST and so appreciated!
      Happy walks to you and the fur-baby!

  11. P.S. I have an addiction to soft hands and feet. Currently loving Aveda products!

  12. Jesus Calling is on my daily musts too...mine is 4 years old & I'm still loving it every morning! I give it as a gift to almost everyone. Thanks for sharing your daily dozen T! Cheryl Ann

    1. I love the Jesus Calling devotions Cheryl Ann.

  13. Hi Teresa,
    YOU are a bright shining light.
    Thank you for this post. So glad to see you this morning at yoga and grateful for a new smoothie/juice recipe.

    1. Annie!
      Sweet Annie!
      You are a BEAM in my life!
      I adore you!
      I'm so grateful for YOU!
      And I loved our time together this morning!