Day 1: Eliminate & Embrace

40 Days of Healthy Whole Eating & Living Whenever I start a new program it always begins with a brand new journal.
New journals = new beginnings. Photobucket The first thing I do in a new journal is jot down the basic guidelines of the program.
That's what I did this morning.
I jotted down foods to eliminate over the next 40 days. 40 Days of Healthy Whole Eating & Living Then I jotted down foods to embrace over the next 40 days. 40 Days of Healthy Whole Eating & Living
It's as simple as that.
If I eliminate sugar, processed foods, artificial sweeteners, dairy and all things white, my body perks up and changes within days. It's amazing how quickly my body responds. It's like I can hear it thanking me for cutting out toxic foods that make it work so hard to stay healthy and strong.
I love the word embrace. Stephanie made mention of the word EMBRACE during the first group phone call kicking off the 28 Day Juice and Raw Food Cleanse.
I doodle the word all the time. I doodle the word EMBRACE because it reminds me not to focus on what I'm being deprived of when I eat healthy.
Instead I should embrace the opportunity to fuel my body with foods that ENERGIZE and STRENGTHEN!
Why do we fight the opportunity to give our bodies a rest?
Why don't we make choices that make us GLOW and GROW strong?
These are questions I am constantly asking myself.
Eliminate & EMBRACE.
It's as easy as that. 
What are you eliminating & embracing today?
I'd love to know!
40 Days of Healthy Whole Eating & Living
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  1. Good luck, Teresa! You can do this. I gave up sugar and white flour for 18 months and then slipped back into it around the Holidays. I am working on getting it out of my system again. I feel SO good when I eat clean and I want to get back there again.
    I love your journal.
    I hope you keep us posted daily because I find it inspirational when I know someone else is right there trying to do the same thing.
    xo Diana

  2. Love this, Teresa. Love the words Glow and Grow! Those are the words we use for our children's ministry at our church and they just capture so much!

  3. teresa, this seems like a perfect plan! i like to drink coconut milk over almond milk though. i find it better for my "gut" health. do you have a preference?

  4. I've been eating more vegetables this past year...Mediterranean style. It was a shock to find out there is more protein in spinach than in a steak. I drink almond milk...and would like to know if you think stevia or sugar? If do I sweeten my coffee? I found chopped dates sweeten my oatmeal just enough...but can't find a good coffee sweetener. Love this blog T. Cheryl Ann

  5. Embrace! Love it!

    I just read an article the other day that said instead of saying, "I can't" eat such and such, say "I don't" each such and such. Supposed to be so empowering and a totally different mindset. You know, now that I think about it, about the only thing I don't eat are artificial sweeteners. And, I'm always telling kiddo that we "don't eat aspartame," not "can't." Hmm...maybe they're onto something.

    Can't wait to hear more!

  6. awwww theresa! your posts are always so inspiring. sooo i, too am eliminating processed foods, artificial sweeteners and diet pop! i am trying to eat whole foods and lots of fruits and veggies. i am trying for the water increase, but ugh. not fun! i am also eliminating a cheating boyfriend out of my life once and for all. i am embracing a new home i am building, my relationships with my beautiful 3 daughters and learning how to embrace a new life!!!!! happy 2013! xoxo

  7. So for 40 days, you are not going to post any delicious treats????? Whaaaaaaaaaat??? That's Ok, I won't be eating any non "nutrisystem" treats for about 30 days. I love that you are accomplishing your goals and moving forward into God's best for you! Blessings!!!!

  8. Just the other day, I felt fluffier and knew the holiday excesses had caught up with me. There is nothing like feeling the energy return when I make more healthy choices. So excited about your fresh start and beautiful new journal. :)