Let's Talk About Homeland

Photobucket I've been waiting on a bright and sunny day to bake for over a week. I've got lots of holiday cheer to share but when it's grey and dreary here in the Northwest, beautiful food pictures are not going to happen. Since it's too dark to take pretty blog pictures let's talk about Homeland! I realize the topic of Homeland seems random, but I seriously feel the need/urge to speak my peace on the topic.
For whatever reason Greg and I were delayed in watching Homeland. Dexter was the number one obsession in my life followed by Revenge, Breaking Bad and Downton Abbey. There were times we thought about Homeland but didn't know if we'd enjoy watching something so intense, that could totally happen in real life. Well I'm certain it does happen in real life. Like everyday. All day.
Photobucket Then one Saturday something changed. Greg was watching football. I decided to snuggle up in another room and watch t.v. Before I knew it, I was watching Season 1, Episode 1 of Homeland. It was honestly like I was having a secret affair of sorts. Greg and I had gone back and forth about diving into Homeland {together}and here I was, on my own, watching Homeland, without him, without anyone, no furballs, just me. But really it was no big deal. I would watch one episode and be done with it. It was one of those Saturdays right before Thanksgiving and I had a long list of things to do before the holiday. One episode. That would be okay. Then we'd watch it together. Photobucket
Ten hours later I surfaced. Ten episodes later I opened the door to our bedroom and walked back into the world of puppies and football. Ten intense hours later I walked downstairs to a husband who had been in football heaven without a wife asking "How many more football games are you watching tonight?" Photobucket I honestly felt like I was betraying Dexter. I was whole-heartidly entranced with Carrie, Brody, Saul, Virgil, Max and Abu Nazir. I told Greg Homeland was as good if not better than Dexter. WHAT!!! I also confided that until he watched the first 10 episodes of Homeland we were all but emotionally separated. It was like I needed Greg to watch it so we could be CLOSE, in every since of the word! I know! I know that sounds so crazy it's border line ridiculous-like I really need to get a life or something-but I'm not even joking.
Homeland takes ahold of you and it does not let go! Photobucket After the Thanksgiving holiday, Greg and I took a week and watched Season 1 and eight episodes of Season 2 together. It was bonding. Since then we've been watching Homeland {together} every Sunday night. Next Sunday is the Season finale. I have no idea what I'll do until Season 3 begins. Homeland puts a spell on you. It's like you need to keep analyzing it after it's over. Like I need to get with a support group and discuss it. Greg and I will be in bed, lying in the dark, talking about Homeland. When I get desperate, I pop on Homeland's Facebook, like I don't even have a life, and read what total strangers are saying about what's going to happen. On Monday I was so obsessed I created a Bags by Bloom Homeland line of bags! It's true! When I posted the bags on Instagram & Facebook I felt so bonded with friends who share in this same obsession.Photobucket This morning when I popped over to read Jessica's Tuesday Things I was hoping she'd mention Homeland. I really needed to connect with how the hippest, coolest girl I know was feeling after Sunday night's episode. Turns out she didn't let me down! If Jessica's obsessed, then it's COOL. You know. Being that she's totally the coolest foodie girl evvvvvver! I can't tell you how much it rocked my world to read The Stages of Getting Addicted to Homeland. I was honestly cheering out loud to know that there's a world out there feeling the exact same way as I do. I am telling you. This is intense.
Photobucket On a lighter note-
Maybe the SUN will SHINE tomorrow and I can bake!
Speaking of baking, do you have a copy of Decorating Cookies?
I'm totally loving RED, WHITE & BLUE!
Last week I got a pedi and had my toes painted RED!
What about you?
What are you obsessing over?
Are you addicted to Homeland?
Do you think I'm CRAZY?
Are you loving RED, WHITE & BLUE?
Peace out! And Happy Holidays!
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  1. I've never posted before but I've been following your blog for a while. I felt compelled to post about my love for Homeland! I feel the same way about Dexter now! Love it!

    1. Yeah!
      Delighted to meet you Cathy!
      Let's be Homeland-Dexter Besties! xo

  2. Love your bags with the "Homeland" theme. You are doing a wonderful job with your sewing. It looks like you are well on your way Bags by Bloom.

  3. Love the bags! I have to admit I've never watched Dexter or Homeland (gasp!), but I am in awe with the love stories of Downton Abbey. I have been obsessed with Parenthood and am almost ready to start the current season ~ if it gets cancelled this Spring I will be so bummed.....

  4. The bags are adorable. I've not watched Homeland, but have wanted too. I live with my Active Duty Marine Husband so I know the spoils, toils, and troubles with war, deployments, trainings, etc. The only thing that prevents us from watching it is the possibility of a Marine that will find a small part of PTSD again. Being over there, witnessing stuff and coming out alive does things to every single military member. Especially when they've watched so many not make it home, or have been hit themselves by IEDs, etc.

    But we are blessed. and thankful and hopefully can watch it someday.

  5. OK. That's it. We MUST start watching Homeland. Maybe over Christmas break?