Holiday Detox Juice & Updates on Healthy Living

Holiday Detox Juice This morning I tried on my jeans just to make sure they were button-able.
Thank goodness they buttoned but I could feel the holiday muffin top settling in after basically eating fancy-free over the past month or so. Fancy-free eating entails sipping coffee with foamy milk and sprinkles. Nibbling on Christmas cookies, gingerbread cookies, PINK salad and Ben & Jerry's Greek Frozen Yogurt. Oh! And snacking on M&M's while waiting on late-night ferries.
You know. Fancy-free eating.
The kind of eating that leads to jeans not buttoning.
After trying on jeans I changed and headed to go walking. Photobucket After I got back from a long walk I cranked up the juicer.
Nothing makes me feel healthier than juicing!
Honestly. As soon as I begin chopping fruits and veggies and juicing it's like "coming home" to a place that makes me feel whole and healthy. Kinda like when I go back to Bainbridge Yoga House after being gone for awhile.
I feel centered again. Photobucket Sipping green juice is rejuvenating!
It sets a healthy tone for the day.
Here's what you need to make what I call Holiday Detox Juice:
Makes a gigantic mason jar full!
3 heads of romaine lettuce
5 handfull of baby spinach 
5 celery stalks
3 large carrots
large grapefruit {cut into sections and peeled}
large Granny Smith apple
small cut of fresh ginger {peeled}
5 packs of Stevia
sprinkle of nutmeg {freshly grated} Photobucket Several months back I participated in Stephanie Dalton's 90 Day Total Transformation Program. Honestly. It was life changing on so many levels. Stephanie is such a gift. She's a fabulous Health & Wellness Coach.
I feel blessed to know Stephanie and have grown in so many ways under her care and guidance. Photobucket Stephanie and I discovered obstacles that challenge my intentions of living whole & healthy on a consistent basis. I'll be sharing more about what we discovered and ways that I plan to over-come the obstacles/barriers that hinder me from living true to my health and fitness goals.PhotobucketI'm planning on 2013 being a great year for living HEALTHY!
I'm not getting any younger! Now is the time to LIVE It! And live it BIG!
That's why I cranked up the juicer this morning.
What about you?
Do you have a juicer?
Photobucket Here's to juicing in 2013!
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Photobucket Happy HEALTHY Friday Friends!
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  1. Your juice looks so pretty! We haven't gotten into juicing, but I do feel so healthy when we have our smoothies. We like a smoothie of frozen blueberries, mixed with a banana, baby spinach and some kale if we have it, just blended with water. No sweeteners....just a little vanilla extract. Kiddo loves it. Balances out the cookies.

    My jeans still button, too...but boy, they don't feel great. Felt good to get out and RUN this morning. ;)

    1. Good for you Girly!
      The British lady on couch-2-5-K is still waiting on me to pass week 1!
      Maybe I'll surprise her next week!
      The Green Smoothie you make sounds so good!
      You are right. It's all about balance.

  2. If my jeans don't button, I just go to the next size up in my closet! Your Detox juice looks so good it makes me want to rush out and buy a juicer! The photos in all of your posts are beautiful!
    Writing Pad Dad

  3. Lots of love to you for the New Year Teresa xxx

    Looks like you have gotten things off to a healthy start. When I lived in London I used to always stop off for a juice on my way into work. I think it's laziness more than anything now I am based at home. I must motivate myself to make more juices and smoothies in the mornings.

    I'm so busy with Luca I often get to 2pm and think cripes I haven't even eaten today at all - which is a TERRIBLE habit.

    In fact we received a lovely leaflet from an organic box scheme company this week which included a box of goodies just right for juicing, so you have left me inspired :-)

  4. Wow. I think I now have another detox partner :) I actually love the combination especially the grapefruit and carrots. I guess this tastes good. To give it a twist, I'll put some chlorella powder in it. It's actually my long time detox partner and it's really effective.

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  6. Thanks for the interesting recipe. I followed your recipe almost exactly and got absolutely deliciousjuice at the end.

  7. Wow! Your photos look really amazing. Want to see more your recipes! Yeah, I have a juicer, I’m a proud owner! I bought my baby - click here to see some wheatgrass juicers. If you want, you can find a new one for yourself ;)