#WeekendLove~Home on the Farm

Photobucket Hey Guys!
Happy Monday!
You won't believe where I am. Or maybe you will. I'm way down South, in "the country," at "the farm," my fave place in the world! This is what my face looked like on the ferry the day before I was leaving! Photobucket That's a happy face~wouldn't you say?
I flew out on the red eye Friday night and flew into Birmingham Saturday morning. Listen to this. The flight was scheduled to leave Seattle at 11:55 p.m. For some reason I had a weird feeling before boarding which seldom happens. I kept texting Greg telling him how much I loved and appreciated him. I also told him that if anything happened to me while flying, I wanted him to know that no one else could or would love and adore me in the sweet way that he does. He kept texting back telling me that nothing was going to happen. I popped 2 Advil P.M.s and we boarded the flight. Right before departing the pilot let us know that the inspection team had found a RIP IN THE SEAM OF THE PLANE ON THE EXTERIOR!!!! Ugh! Do WHAT! A RIP! LET ME OFF! He then went on to say that the PLANE WAS NOT FLYABLE! What! Weird! This had never happened! I seriously thought we might be waiting around in SeaTac all night. Luckily that was not the case. Thanks Delta. We were boarded within an hours time in a plane that was parked for the night. So off we went.
My Daddy and niece Miss Lily met me at the airport. It never fails to take my breath away when I see them standing at the end of the concourse. It's like I've been weaving in and out~around and about~all these strangers in airports enroute to get to them. When I finally catch the first glimpse of their faces, everyone else around just vanishes. All I can see is their smiles~all I can feel is the JOY within our hearts just leaping out all over the airport. The hugs. The happy hugs when we finally reach each other are filled with all the love that builds up every day between the visits when we're apart.
It's good to be home.
Photobucket I'll be sharing some favorite "on the farm" recipes this week! Photobucket
Here's a few moments captured by phone over the weekend.
Photobucket 1~Went purple with my pedi instead of pink for Fall. Photobucket 2~Doogan really wanted to go to the farm. He's making the trip next time. Photobucket 3~Mango Strawberry No-Sugar Added Freshens Smoothie I got when I flew into Atlanta early Saturday morning. It was so refreshing after flying all night. For sure getting another one in Atlanta on the trip back.
4~In flight map I watched on and off all night.
5~Atlanta to Birmingham Saturday morning. Photobucket 6~First morning out on the dirt road. Photobucket Have a lovely week~from the farm.
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  1. How scary....nothing else to say other than sometimes out gut feeling is what we should go with. Happy that you were able to travel to the farm safely!

  2. Have fun in Alabama!!...it's always a joy to go home and be thankful that you still have family to visit!..I'm right next door in Ga but an Alabama girl thru n' thru!

  3. Isn't it great to know that we can trust a loving God to hear our prayers and take such good care of us? Glad for your safe trip. Enjoy and soak up every minute of the farm.

  4. OMG! I would have been freaking too T!! So glad that you made it there safely!! I'm pretty bad about flying these days...and I do not do it very often. I'm already nervous about the fact I have to fly in November of next year!! Blessings to you and your family!!! I LOVE how HAPPY you get when you speak of your family! Especially your DADDY! Have a superb visit!! xo Jeanne

  5. Your posts about "The Farm" are my favorite. I am so glad to see you happily visiting with your family, on your favorite place on earth! I also moved to the NW from a sunny location (Southern California) and even after five years, I still struggle with the gloominess. I have a feeling this winter will be different since I have found your blog and will turn to it for the uplifting cheer that it always brings. Happy travels!

  6. ACK!!! I'm so happy everything was ok and they caught that seam before you took off!

    Love your description of seeing your dad and Lily at the airport. I can just feel the LOVE through the computer!

    Have a wonderful, relaxing trip!!! ♥