Cupcakes for a Cakewalk

These haPPy cupcakes were made with LOVE for a local carnival cakewalk!
I don't know what thrills me more.
or Sugar Cookies.
For as long as I've known my name...
I've loved CUPCAKES!
Once we were at Disney World.
We were hanging out in Minnie's magical little PINK house.
Minne was whipping up some cupcakes for Mickey.
When she opened the oven her PINK house lit up with the SWEET smell of CUPCAKES!
That's what cupcakes are...MAGIC!
These cupcakes were baked using TidyMom's Perfect Cupcake Recipe.
Cheryl's recipe never fails.
I tripled the recipe and had cupcakes leftover to take to yoga in the park at
Bainbridge Yoga House.
The Buttercream Frosting is adapted from the adorable Shelly at Cookies and Cups.
The only thing I did different from Shelly's recipe is use heavy whipping cream instead
of the milk.

Thanks to Bridget for letting me know that Shelly's Buttercream Frosting is seriously THE BEST!
Bridget frosted her Butterfly Cake and Kiddo's Chocolate Birthday Cake with Shelly's Buttercream.
I like Shelly's recipe because it uses less shortening and more butter.
Sometimes too much shortening in the Buttercream Frosting can seem greasy~
but that's just me.
Obviously I love bright colors for cupcakes!
I can't help myself.
I love BRIGHT!
And sprinkles!
Have I mentioned how much I love these gingham baker cups.
Cupcakes for a Cakewalk!
How FUN is that!
What thrills you more~
cupcakes or sugar cookies?
Happy Weekend SWEET Friends!


  1. Those cupcakes make me happy! SO bright and cheery :) Glad you liked the frosting, love the addition of heavy cream!

  2. I always use Tidy Mom's cupcake recipe ~ just perfect isn't it? I'll try the buttercream frosting now. LOVE all the bright colors for the cupcakes as well as the sugar cookies. It's a toss up as to which I like better! I'll let you choose for me ~


  3. Those are darling, Teresa~ I'll bet they were tickled to see you bringing those in for the fund raiser! Cupcakes are probably my biggest love .. sugar cookies run a close second.

    If you get a chance, please shoot me a quick email and let me know what kind/model of ice cream maker you have. I am going to buy one- we can't find our old one ANYWHERE- so I am looking for a suggestion. xo Diana

  4. These are amazing! You are right, just looking at them makes one happy. Love the bright colors and the sprinkles!!

  5. Love these super BRIGHT cupcakes Teresa!!! I love all things BRIGHT!! Hope all's well!

  6. I am a cupcake girl. Love these so much!!

  7. These are just BEAUTIFUL! I know they taseted great. I love a cupcake! I'm surprised I'm not licking my screen....maybe there's hope for me yet!