I'm a SKIER!

One of my favorite things to do when we go skiing is LOOK CUTE!
You know.
Bundle up and take pictures of myself looking like a cool~hip~SNOW BUNNY!
I do this because I don't have anything else to do.
That's because I don't SKI!
When people ask if I ski I always say "No.  I SNOWSHOE!"
I try and make snowshoeing sound COOL and HIP but for some reason it just doesn't.
I like snowshoeing because it's safe.
It doesn't GO FAST.
There's little {if any} threat of injury.
I'm in control when I snowshoe.
I like being in control. 
Greg learned to ski before I moved to the Northwest. He couldn't wait to get me to the Northwest and teach me to ski. You know how husband's fantasize things about their wives? 
Well seeing me SKI was one of Greg's fantasies! 
I really like to make fantasies HAPPEN for my man but for MANY reasons I just didn't see myself 
learning to SKI!
Mostly because I'm petrified of an injury.
I like to LIVE ACTIVE! I don't like it when injuries put a halt to activity.
Even though SKIING has been one of Greg's fantasies~
I haven't been willing to risk an injury.
The first day at Crystal Mountain Melly and I sat in adirondack chairs at the foot of the slopes.
We sipped hot chocolate~ enjoyed the sunshine~ laughed our heads off~
sipped more hot chocolate~ snuggled under a quilt~ 
analyzed the latest in ski fashion~
and played on our phones.
The morning of the second ski day I told Melly I had to get movin'!
I couldn't go another day just sitting and snuggling.
Hitting the SNOW was a must! 
As boring as it sounds~Melly and I headed to rent SNOWSHOES! 
What happened next is kinda blurry.
All I know is I spotted these ski boots!
Once I spotted these Black Diamond Shiva Ski Boots I knew SNOWSHOEING was out 
and SKIING was in!
I knew if I wanted to sport the boots I had to SKI!
That's when I turned to Melly and said "Let's SKI!"
Fortunately we were both already bundled up in ski bibs!

We signed up for our first SKI lesson!
SNOWSHOEING was history!
To say that Greg was thrilled to see me on SKIS would be an understatement! 
I just LOVE to SHOCK my man!
And that's exactly what I did!
I shocked him! 
In a "fantasy coming true" kind of way! ;)
I'm pretty sure he thought my skiing was all in the name of LOVE!
I dare not mention it was honestly all in the name of CUTE~PINK SKI BOOTS! 
Melly and I took ski lessons the next 2 days.
Jeb was the instructor. Thank goodness he had lived in The South and could totally relate to a couple 
of SOUTHERN sisters on the slopes for the first time!
He was patient but firm. I only cried once! 
Like I mean I cried BIG
Like a breakdown kind of CRY!
I broke under the pressure and FEAR of letting GO and just enjoying the ride!
Skiing with a fear of injury was holding me back. 
I kept looking back focusing on what was coming. Jeb kept trying to break me of this habit.
I was petrified of crashing!
He kept yelling "Don't look BACK!!!!"
Every time I picked up speed I felt a rush of panic...and stopped.
Skiing takes practice...and patience....and CONFIDENCE!
Melly did GREAT! She wasn't as fearful of "letting go."
Jeb said the only thing holding me back was ME.
I was over~thinking things.
Like I always do.
As much as I loved skiing with Melly~
and as safe as I felt skiing with Jeb~
nothing thrilled me more than riding the lift up and skiing down with Greg.
This weekend we're headed back up to Crystal.
Greg's ready for me to take another lesson.
I don't have the heart to disappoint him.
I don't have the heart to tell him I really shouldn't risk the injury.
I don't have the heart to put a damper on his fantasy.
I LOVE that my man LOVES me on the slopes.
I really like those PINK boots.
I totally LOVE these PINK skis!
{Recommended by my friend Marla @ Family Fresh Cooking}
I guess I'm a SKIER now.

What about you...do you ski?
I'd just LOVE to know!


  1. oh my goodness - I am so proud of you! I want to ski - just with 3 kids it is kinda spendy. You have inspired me for sure. I live pretty close to Crystal too. Hmmmm, you got me thinking.

    1. Crystal is perfect for learning to ski Denise! The Discovery Slope is excellent! Where do you guys live? xo

    2. My fmaily lives in South King County - Kent to be specific. I hike on Poo Poo Point often. I think you have been there too. Anyways, it is too late for this year but I am going to ski next winter - I promise. One of my daughters expressed interest so I am going to do it!!

      p.s. - I have been to Central Market too in Pousblo. I.am.in.love with that store.

  2. I'm a ski LODGE type person Teresa! I just love sitting all snuggled in the lodge with my hot chocolate! LOVE that. You and Melly did GREAT!! Congrats for conquering that fear!! xo Jeanne

    1. Ski Lodge lounging is the best Jeanne!
      Thanks for the encouragement!
      Melly and I created lots of memories on the slopes!

  3. Teresa! Love this post and I completely get it. I have a HUGE fear of heights but love skiing. My fear messes with me so much. If I pause for too long at the top of a run, the fear just takes over. discovery was down when we were at Crystal on Sunday which was a huge bummer as the girls were not ready for Tinkerbell. I am sure they have it working but double check before you head up there. You look too fantastic all kitted out in ski gear to give up on it now. Maria

    1. So happy you popped by Maria!
      It helps to know that I'm not the only one with FEARS that sometimes stand in the way of things I really want to ENJOY in life. Someone else told me they also cried while learning to ski.
      Bummer that Discovery was closed.
      My sister went down Tinkerbell. I'm not ready for that yet.
      Hugs and see you in YOGA!

  4. It's so much fun to watch Lil' Joe learning how to ski this year! With the new babe it's hard for me to hit the slopes, but I'm excited for the time when we'll get to ski as a family. Crystal Mtn is the hubby and lil' Joe's favorite! Maybe we'll see you up there sometime. :)

    1. The kids on the slopes are the cutest! They just glide like it's the easiest thing in the world! How much fun that your hubby and lil Joe are enjoying the slopes together. CONGRATS on the little one~ xo

  5. What do they say...'feel the fear and do it anyway'...and YOU DID IT GIRL!
    Fear stops me doing sooooooo many things...but when you achieve something like this,it gives you so much confidence and a complete buzz.
    You look too cute in your sky gear Teresa and the BOOTS!.....
    Love and woofs from Bellaboo and BellaXXX
    Come say Hello!

    1. Fear is the worst Bella Boo. I can remember being in Switzerland and getting paralyzed with fear on a hike hugging an alp. We had to turn back and I clung to the mountain the whole way down. I cried like a baby up on that alp.
      Hugs to you and Bella~

    2. Oh YES!....and I remember the many coastal footpath walks where I've been clinging on to Mr Boo in terror,fearful of falling over the edge! XXXX

  6. Nice to see your post this morning!!! We are approaching our 40's and our son is 6 and we will all be taking ski lessons for the first time in the French Alps of all places during Spring Break next week! We lived in Denver, CO for 6 years and made it into the mountains to hike and mountain bike. We NEVER hit the slopes!!!! We lived in Pouslbo for 3 years, never made it up to Steven's to ski!!!! Now we live in Italy and did some sledding in Laceno while others were on the slopes!!!!! We are FINALLY going to ski next week in Morzine, France!!!! CRAZY and so excited!!!! We rollerblade and are wondering if it is similar????? You will find me in the baby beginner's class!!! So excited and refreshing to read your blog this morning!!! Hope you continue with skiing and congratulations in coquering FEAR!!!! It paralyzes us from growing and living!!!

    1. Emily~
      That is beyond amazing that you guys are headed to the French Alps to ski. Thanks for popping by! Would love to read about your trip! ENJOY! xo

  7. Congratulations Teresa! I can't wait to hear about this weekend's trip to Crystal. I am here sipping my coffee and almost lost it when I read that you and Melly analyzed the latest in ski fashion and played on your phones. You crack me up and are soooo real!!

    1. Of course we had to analyze what other skiers were wearing. One little girl had on a tu~tu. So adorable! Can't begin to tell you how hard we were laughing in the bathroom at the lodge right before we were headed to our first ski lesson. I know other skiers thought we were CRAZY! xxoxoxo

  8. I haven't had skiis on since my 30th birthday 18 years ago. I learned on Crystal as well when I was in junior high. I'm was just like you, scared to fall and get hurt. I've even cried going down a ski slope with an instructor....I was put in the wrong class and couldn't get down the mountain.

    Now I live in Atlanta and am not close to snow and my husband doesn't ski.

    Have fun!

  9. I love this post, Teresa! I think it is AWESOME that you went for it! And I love that the cute boots are what spurred you into action! ;) I *hope* if we ever went skiing that I would be brave enough to try. My mom MADE me try water skiing when I was a teenager and I HATED IT! (She wanted me to learn in case I ever went on a water skiing date...how funny is THAT?!?)

    Love the pictures! Woo-hoo for making Greg happy!!! I can just SEE his face beaming at you! ♥

    1. Girly that is hilarious that your mom wanted you to water ski in case you ever had a water ski date! How funny is that! You can only imagine what my face looked like when I spotted those PINK boots! I'll do anything to wear PINK boots! xo

  10. Good for you Teresa. Pink boots obsession or not, you are a braver woman than I. My husband is a skier and I am not. I've been on a ski lift once (in the summer...to test it out sort of thing)I thought I would have a heart attack being up so high! That and the fear of going downhill and side-swiping every tree on the run has kept my feet planked to a pair of winter boots. I think it is awesome that you overcame your fears and are now happily looking forward to making another run down the slopes with your Greg. Can only imagine how delighted he is in you.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! I thought I might be fearful of riding the lifts too but turns out riding the lift was nothing to fear in comparison to SKIING back DOWN the slope! ;)

  11. I was wondering if you skied. Glad you took the plunge! Tim and I have some funny ski stories... The first was when we first skied together and it had been a while for me and I could only turn my skis one way. I kept falling on the same side and by the end of the day I had softball size bruises on my left hip. His "wonderful instruction " included him saying" Just do it like them" as some wonderful skier speeded past us. Needless to say I had several choice words for him:)))) We still laugh that he heard me cuss more that day than all the years we have been together!!! Another time we were skiing Coper Mount. in CO and it is somewhat difficult. The weather was soooooo cold and we rode the EXPRESS lift to the top. By the time we got to the top I was so cold that I could barely get off the chair. I think I almost went into a panic attack when I saw how difficult the run was and I did cry from fear and cold all the way down. So many funny stories from skiing to tell.... I have become more aware of the injury issues associated with skiing. My knee has become somewhat of an issue from running in my 30's and know I also am more careful and have trouble letting loose and flying down the hill. Enjoy the snow, cute outfits and gear and be careful- I understand completely:) Love you friend. Ready to get my hands on a Bloom Bag!!! Can't wait!!

  12. No skiing here- except cross country. I have an ankle that just won't take it. Good for you- It IS hard to overcome those fears. Maybe if they tinted the SNOW pink it would REALLY excite you to ski! xo Diana

    1. Diana~
      You know me well!
      PINK snow = HEAVEN!
      I would love cross country skiing!

  13. Sweet Sarah~
    What fun SKI memories! You and I are so much alike! I can just see you crying and skiing down that run. I can also see Tim saying "Just do it like them! " ;) I have to watch my knees too as a result of running and weight lifting. I was talking to my knees the entire time I was skiing. I was saying "you can do this~ you're strong~ you like it....right?" ;)
    HUGS my friend! and love! xo

  14. I love skiing!
    Not been for a lonnnngggggg time....used to go when I was a Nanny, with whatever family I was working for....it's the best fun ever!

    Sadly Olly my hubbie refuses to go...i think he is a big chicken!


  15. You ARE a skier! Yea! I LOVE to ski! Haven't been in too many years - but love it!

  16. Teresa.....I am so proud of you!! You and your sis are awesome. Love that this was such a soul seeking event. That is how I feel about being in the mountains and swooshing in the snow. At a higher level. Spiritual and FULL. When I push myself over the edge of a challenging run I feel empowered and humbled. Give skiing some time. It is very tricky for adults to learn. That is why I started my kids at 3. I started at 31. I was really awful when I started. Reaaaallllly scared of everything. With gobs of practice I can now do double black bump runs in Telluride. Everything about the sport thrills me. The scenery, the clothes, the fresh air, the altitude, the aprés ski, the fact that I can eat more. I own a closet full of ski jackets. Do you like Pucci?? I have 2 of those. You would look amazing in them. I also LOVE Rossignol & JET SET. Have you ever seen Jet Set?? OMG. We need to go to Switzerland just for the ski clothes. Check out Kjus... http://www.kjus.com/ That is HOT too. LOVE those K2 PayBacks. Can't wait to hear about your next trip to Crystal. One day we can ski together. Just so you know ~ snow shoeing is COOL too!! XXOO

  17. Hope you have lots of fun skiing this weekend.

    Have you ever noticed that so many fun sports start with S? Surfing (board) surfing(body), snorkeling, scuba diving, sculling, skating (ice), skating (roller), skiing (snow), skiing (water),sailing....Oh...Have fun in those PINK BOOTS!!!!!