Chocolate "Fudgey" Chess Pie

This weekend I made a pie. 
Made with LOVE for a friend.
Delivering a pie to a friend is one of the sweetest ways to spread some LOVE!
I remember tasting this Chocolate Chess Pie for the first time. It was like years ago.
I was in The South~at a gathering hosted by a very Southern lady.
She served the pie topped with a big scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.
It was THE PERFECT PIE for "company."
It was perfect for a potluck.
It was even more perfect for baking and wrapping up and delivering to a friend.
Needless to say~
I got the recipe.
For all these years it's been the GO~TO~PIE.
That means I've made it for company~and friends~and family~and bake sales
and people who do really really SWEET
things for me.
Wanna know what I LOVE most about the Chocolate "Fudgey" Chess Pie?
It's EASY!
Like really EASY!
Here's what you need to make it:
1 unbaked frozen PIE shell
1 teaspoon all~purpose flour
1 1/2 cups sugar
1/2 cup cocoa
1/2 stick melted unsalted butter
3/4 cup evaporated Carnation milk
2 extra large eggs {slightly beaten}
1 teaspoon pure vanilla
Preheat oven to 325 degrees.
Add sugar to mixing bowl.
Add the flour to sugar.
Add the cocoa.
Give it a stir.
Add the melted butter.
Gently blend with electric hand mixer.
Mix on low until combined.
Gradually add Carnation milk mixing on low speed.
Mix til well blended.
Add slightly beaten eggs.
Mix on medium speed.
Add the vanilla.
Blend until well combined.
Give it a stir. Make sure chocolate on the bottom of bowl is well blended before pouring.
Pour in unbaked {thawed} pie crust.
Bake at 325 degrees 35-45 minutes just until SET.
Don't over~bake.
Place on cooling rack and cool completely.
{The pie will SET even more as it cools.}
Wrap it up for a friend~
or serve it at home.
Don't forget the VANILLA ice cream!
Check out Viking Feast Ice Cream made locally in the Northwest.
Chocolate "Fudgey" Chess Pie
LOVE a friend.
Make em' a PIE!
EAT more PIE!
Spread the LOVE! 


  1. That looks AMAZING! I'm going to make one...but not until I've lost all the weight I've put on eating naughties like that!
    Come and see my holiday pics Teresa. :0)

  2. Why oh WHY can't I be your neighbor?!?!? My husband would be crazy for this pie!! (I might be able to force myself to eat a slice or seven, too)

  3. Welll....that looks good enough to EAT! xo Diana

  4. Your friend must have loved seeing you at the door with this pie. I love how your wrapped the ribbon around it. Everything looks wonderful.

  5. So are you on your way to North Carolina with a Chess pie for me? I'm waiting!!

    Beautiful... As always!


  6. Beautiful pie! What a lucky gal to have you for a friend! I would love to open my door and find somebody with dessert in hand!!

  7. Perfect recipe for this chocoholic!!

  8. I AM moving you know! Or, YOU are!!! I know you like Bainbridge, and it's magical and all, but Texas has, um, cowboys! ;)

    I briefly dated a southern boy....he graduated form Ole Miss, had the accent, and everything. I met his mom when she visited Texas from Jackson...don't think she liked this Texas gal with RED lipstick much, but she did come to Texas with Chess Bars. They weren't chocolate, though. But, they WERE delicious! I feel SURE I need this Chocolate Chess PIE!!!

  9. Oh have saved the day (or should I say...this coming Saturday) with this fabulous recipe.I'm having my daughter and her family over for dinner and was wondering what to make for dessert...THIS IS IT !! for sure my dear.And I'm lovin' the ice cream recipes too...I must go get me a Cuisinart ice cream maker...pronto.
    Been "away" for awhile...but really missed blogging friends...happy to be back!!
    Cheers :)

  10. Wouldn't you know, I go and start a diet today! Haha, this might be my first reward:) No wonder i am the world's worst dieter!

  11. Looks great. I have mine in the oven right now. Only one suggestion.........make sure you get a DEEP DISH pie crust..........or you will end up with a floor covered in a a yummy chocolate sauce :(

  12. I am a proficient baker but i had some trouble with this. My pie set on top but was wiggly after 45 minutes in the oven and then got a huge crack so i removed it because you said to not over bake it. I then cooled it on the counter and refrigerated it. When i cut into it the inside was liquid chocolate. Now it tastes great, really fudgy and all and i have no problem eating it myself this way but its not really serve-able to other people. I guess I need a better description of when done is and when over baking is because i thought i had over baked and it is clearly way underbaked.