Rustic Parmigiano Reggiano Breadsticks

Today was a sad day.
I had to cancel a hair appointment to get highlights.
That may not sound sad to you~
but I really really wanted to get my hair sparkled up before Bridget's visit.
Maybe it's a southern thing but whenever someone's coming to visit or I'm going to visit...
or I'm going on a trip or a romantic date or home for the holidays...
I always get my hair sparkled~up SHINEY and BLONDE!
Today I had to cancel.
Today I had to make the decision that resting my body was what was needed.
That's because I've been all yukked up with deep congestion~coughs~and an achy body.
I haven't canceled an opportunity to GET SPARKLED UP and blonde in like EVER! 
That's how bad I felt.
I felt so bad I decided to make BREADSTICKS.
{I washed my hands~plenty of times~promise.}
Rustic breadsticks are one of my favorite things to serve for "starters" when entertaining.

Believe it or not rustic breadsticks are hard to find for parties.
I would love a bakery that kept breadsticks on hand for festive occasions.
These breadsticks were easy but time consuming.
They begin with store~bought pizza dough which is the easy part.
You'll also need:
Herbs From Provence 
Aged Parmigiano Reggiano 
Course Sea Salt
Recipe modified from Circle B Kitchen.
Inspired by Wild Yeast blog.
Let's get started.
Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
Dust a pastry mat with flour.
Place the dough on the pastry mat and let it sit for 20 minutes.
Give the dough a generous sprinkle of Herbs From Provence.
Gently knead the herb into dough.
Take a big whiff.
I love the sweet smell of lavender in this fancy herb.
Now it's time for the Parmigiano Reggiano.
Makes sure it's aged and imported.
So worth the little extra you'll pay. 
Grate some Parmigiano Reggiano on the pastry mat.
Place the dough on top of cheese.
Begin rolling the dough into a rectangle.
Roll it out thin but not too thin.
If it's too thin the strips of dough are difficult to transfer to baking sheet.
Grate more cheese on top of the dough and sprinkle some sea salt.
Go over the top of dough with rolling pin~pressing the cheese and salt into dough.
Cut 1/2 inch wide strips with a pizza cutter.
Gently lift and transfer the strips onto baking sheet lined with parchment paper.
Take your fingers and gently roll the dough over itself creating a bit of round thickness.
Cover with dish towel and sit in a warm place for 15 mins. to rise a bit.
I popped mine on the stove with the warming eye on.
Preheat oven to 425 degrees.
I baked mine on 435 as my oven doesn't get as hot when I have it off of convection.
Beat an egg with a little olive oil.
Brush each breadstick with the egg mixture and sprinkle course sea salt on each breadstick.
You can grate more cheese on top if you like.
You can also sprinkle poppy seeds on the breadsticks.
The beauty of RUSTIC breadsticks is they don't have to be shaped perfect.
That's what rustic bread is all about...looking rustic.
Bake at 425 degrees for 10 - 15 mins.
Baking time depends on your oven.
I like breadsticks brown and crunchy.
Just keep an eye on them.
Your guest are sure to love these
RUSTIC Parmigiano Reggiano Breadsticks.

I'll be popping these in the freezer until Bridget comes to dinner.
You do know BRIDGET's coming to BAINBRIDGE for dinner....right? 


  1. I keep telling myself to make something like this on Friday nights when our friends always come over (in adulthood, I've finally got the "cool house" where everyone wants to hang out!!)
    and herbs de provence contains lavendar...doesn't it just sound so romantic to include lavendar in your meal????
    Enjoy your visit!! I totally "get it"!

  2. YUM-The look good and I'll bet they taste even better. I sure hope you are feeling better before Bridget's visit! Hugs- Diana

  3. I was just thinking about the "big visit" this morning, in the shower. I know weird right? That's where I do all my good hard thinking. And I was thinking how much fun it would be to meet up with my blogging besties. And the women who aren't necessarily my blogging besties but whom I adore and cherish reading their blogs. I can't wait to hear all about your visit- and I hope it is everything you have dreamt of! And those breadsticks are just rude, they look so amazing. And my new eating habits do not allow for such things. Until tomorrow ;)

    1. The breadsticks look yummy! I am sorry you couldn't keep your hair appointment. I understand about wanting to look and feel your best. Hope you are better today. Have fun !

  4. These look wonderful and delicious and I am going to try to make them. I have fresh frozen pizza dough in the freezer all the time.

    I'm sorry that you are sick but you were right to stay home and take good care of your cold. Keeping my fingers crossed that you are back to your bubbly self by the time Bridget arrives. I know you two will have a great time but it will be so much more fun if you aren't under the weather.

    Take care Teresa (please give Bridget a hug for me when you meet :)

  5. Ooops, while your at it, give yourself a big *feel better* hug from me too!

  6. Take good care Teresa...and have a wonderful visit with Bridget. You are both so cute! Fun! Cheryl Ann

  7. Gosh, those look *delicious*! I hope you feel better soon. (p.s. I swear by Sambucol for colds, if that's what you have) XOXO, Donna :)

  8. Enjoy your visit a little for me!

    Huge hugs to you both - the breadsticks look amazing!

  9. Oh they look delish! I can see that they are very time consuming though. Bridget will just love them...and you for making them. I so hope you feel much better quickly! I guess it is a Southern thing...we want our hair just right, "sparkly" for sure. You would look adorable regardless.

    Hope you two have a fabulous visit!

  10. I am soooo excited to hear about Bridget's visit. How lucky that she gets to enjoy these beautiful bread sticks with YOU!!! Can't wait to read more about this visit & look at all the photos :) I hope you are feeling much better & that you can get your highlights pronto :) xo

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  12. I'm a little in love with these breadsticks, Teresa! They were SO GOOD and SO BEAUTIFUL! And how smart are you to make and FREEZE them?!? That never would have occurred to me! Totally, totally adding this to me list of things to make for guests...and well, for myself! ;)

    *sigh* Can we come back next week?!?