Family FUN in the NORTHWEST

Guess who flew from The South to The Northwest on Friday!
You guessed it!
My sister Melly~ 
the most adorable niece in the world LILY Martha~
and the coolest~hippest {just turned 16} nephew in the world GRIFFIN!
Wanna know what SOUTHERNERS do when they get together in The Northwest?
Well here ya' go~
Here's the low~down!
First thing we do is head somewhere really touristy!
You know~
to welcome them to SEATTLE!
 That would be the Space Needle for dinner!
It was touristy.
But it was a lovely night and the view was amazing!
We had lots to celebrate this trip!
Griffin just turned 16!
When we get together we do things like EAT!
And hike~
 And shop~
 And play~
Sunday morning we headed out early.
We headed up to Crystal Mountain to SKI for several days!
When Melly and I get together we make up for lost time by laughing~
like seriously laughing.
and I mean nobody~
 gets me to laughing like my sissy.
It's like we start laughing and can't stop.
It can get embarrassing.
It's called SISSY~LOVE!
PINK is a fave color on the slopes.
We're having a ball!
We woke up to fresh powder this morning.
So here we are!
Enjoying some family time on Crystal Mountain!
We'll be in touch when we get down off the mountain!


  1. I love all your family pics Teresa! Looks like everybody is having a FABULOUS time!! So much fun!! Look forward to hearing about the rest of the visit!!

  2. What a lot of fun! I have never been may make a convert out of me! Enjoy your time, family is the best {but you know that!}


  3. How wonderful that your family is there-Enjoy every moment of it because it ends way too soon~ xo Diana

  4. Hi! I love reading your blog, and the pictures of the kids are just so stinking cute! :)

  5. Your niece and nephew are adorable. Griffin has grown a lot since I last saw him here! That's quite an awesome cake he received for his birthday. So nice that you are having this time with your sister and her family. I have five sisters, we all have a blast when we get together too!

  6. Hi Teresa! Long time no hear! You have an adorable family.Great you have such a wonderful time together. Get togethers with loved ones are soooooooooo precious,enjoy every moment! :0)

  7. Pure JOY!!!!!!!! Your family is adorable! I want to come play too. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoo enjoy

  8. Look at you, snow bunny!!! You and your family are so beautiful! LOVE the pictures! Love seeing Griffin & Lily posing! ;) funny!

    Hope you are having a FABULOUS time!

  9. Family Fun as it's best!!! Very nice pictures... thanks for sharing!

  10. You have been having so much fun company lately...lucky girl! You and your sis remind me of my daughters. Loved this is important. That's probably one reason I enjoy you so much. Blessings, Cheryl Ann