Chocolate SNOW Ice Cream

Chocolate SNOW Ice Cream
As you know~
I had been craving SNOW Ice Cream since the last big snow on Bainbridge Island.
I had also been dreaming of adding COCOA to the original SNOW Ice Cream recipe 
in hopes of creating the yuMMiest CHOCOLATE Snow Ice Cream ever!
So that's what I did!
I whipped up some SNOW Ice Cream.
Then I got all fancy and whipped up  
CHOCOLATE Snow Ice Cream!
All you need is Cocoa and Snow Ice Cream!
Begin by adding 5 teaspoons of Cocoa to 4 cups of Snow Ice Cream {plus a little fresh snow}.
Give a gentle stir mixing in the Cocoa.
Give it a taste.
Add more Cocoa if needed.
I like it with lots of COCOA. 
If it begins to melt,
add more snow to keep it cold and icy.
This is as yuMMy as it looks!
If you like a FUDGESICLE,
you're going to love Chocolate SNOW Ice Cream!
We had lots of SNOW here on Bainbridge Island last week!
Grace is one of my favorite friends here on Bainbridge!
She LOVES Snow Ice Cream!
Grace made Chocolate Snow Ice Cream by adding:
1 Egg
2 cups of Milk
Chocolate Fudge Sauce or Hot Chocolate Mix
to a big bowl of fresh SNOW!
Grace sprinkled her Chocolate SNOW Ice Cream with mini~marshmallows!
She says you can also add SPRINKLES!
You can see why Grace and I are such good friends! ;)
Chocolate SNOW Ice Cream!
You're gonna LOVE it!
***Thanks to Grace for sharing her recipe!***


  1. That looks so yummy! I was hoping to make some snow ice cream when we had our snow but it just didn't give us enough.

  2. That chocolate snow ice cream looks and sounds great! And oh, yes, I love a fudgesicle!! I've already had one today. Even though I can't find them very often, my favorite is made by Bluebell. If you ever have a chance to try the TEXAS SIZE DOUBLE-FUDGE FUDGESICLE, do give it a try and think of me!!

  3. Oh-That sounds SOOOO good...and at least here the chocolate would cover up the DIRT in our snow! lol xo Diana

  4. Ohhhh Teresa... that chocolate snow ice cream looks sooooo yummy!!!! BTW: I love your fancy blog... it makes me smile... always!!
    xo, Jutta

    1. Hello Sweet Jutta~
      YOU make me SMILE!
      Thanks for popping by Blooming on Bainbridge and bringing happy CHEER!

  5. Teresa, I so want some of that... Today is Day 1 of my self-inflicted dieting (I have gained and I am hating it!!) and there you are...tempting me with that delicious ice cream. What do I do???

  6. Love your Blog! I made your Winter Veggie Soup over the weekend and it was a BIG hit with my Hubby! Delicious! Going to try Chocolate snow next!

  7. Love your Blog! Such a Happy Place! I wanted to let you know that your Winter White Veggie soup was a big hit yesterday. The family loved it! Thank you!

  8. Hi Teresa! Yummy!! I'm off to share this on my FB shoppe page...know my friends and fans will love it b/c so many have been chatting about making snow cream recently. I made some last year when we were living in Huntsville and loved it! Don't think I'll get to make any this year since we are now living in FL though! LOL And, do you know that they make snow cream pops??!! I was thinking last year how I would love it if I could eat that snow cream all year long..I wanted to stock my freezer...and, how great it would be if they made a popsicle or such. And, Kroger carries one!! I think I did a little shout out right there in the aisle when I made the discovery!! heehee Hugs and Happy Monday!!

  9. Grace is so sweet and the chocolate snow ice cream looks fabulous. I hope you keep getting snow on Bainbridge Island so you can come up with more delicious flavours of snow ice cream.

  10. mmm...I don't even like chocolate . but, THOSE look delish!! I can't wait to try them! We haven't had hardly any snow this year :(

  11. thanks teresa for posting this! my daughter made your vanilla ice cream over the weekend and it was so good. she tried to make chocolate (not sure how she did it) but said it wasn't as good. i will have her try this!!

  12. um WOW! So cool! Lately I've been reeeeally wanting to get into baking and cooking and experimenting with sweet and wonderful recipes, and now I so want to try this!

  13. Brings back childhood memories from my southern roots! I can still taste it, even though I haven't had it in years...strange, but true! Our snow just melted so I must wait for yet another snowfall...which in my part of the world could be any second now. YUM!

  14. CHOCOLATE snow ice cream?!?!? I am officially amazed. You make the coolest things!!!

  15. OK...I want Grace to come help in my kitchen!!!

    So, Trader Joe's cocoa box is so cute!!! The one here cannot open fast enough. And, I hope, hopr, hope you ate extras for me, because I WANT some of that!!!

  16. I use that TJ's cocoa powder all the time. It is the best & I make my chocolate slushy shake extra chocolatey like you. Snow ice rules & Grace is darling. Gosh do you have FUN friends or what!! Neat how she adds the egg to hers too. *kisses*