~The YOGA Bag~

You may not know it~
but a friend of mine in yoga asked me to make her a YOGA bag.
She treated herself to a new yoga mat and a yogitoes towel.
She wanted a lovely new bag to carry it all in.
When she asked me to make the bag I wondered "why?"
"Why would she ask me to make her a yoga bag?"
Then I remembered I was a seamstress. ;-)
Sometimes I still can't believe I've taught myself to sew!
I was very flattered that she asked. 
Truly I was.
So I said "yes."
"Sure! I'll make you a yoga bag."
She already had the fabric. She said I would love it. 
And I did...I do!
I love the beautiful fabric!

Every time we'd see each other in yoga we'd chat about THE BAG!

You may not know it:
But as we chatted there was this little voice in the back of  my scattered mind that kept saying:
"What are you doing?
You don't even have a pattern.
You've never made a yoga bag!
How will you design it?
You are new at sewing!
You couldn't possibly make a bag someone would enjoy carrying to and from yoga.
This is BIG!
How in the world are you going to do this?
Can YOU do this?"

I never let on to my sweet friend that I didn't have a clue how I was going to make
the yoga bag.
I just smiled and remained OPTIMISTIC!
I chose to BELIEVE that I COULD!
One thing she wanted was somewhere to put her water bottle
in the bag.
Every time I thought about attaching something in the bag that might hold a water bottle I got stumped.
That kind of sewing was for advanced sewers.
Surely I wouldn't have to use elastic! 
I didn't have a clue about elastic!
But I kept smiling...and believing! ;-)
Thank goodness I have a friend who's a big~time....FOR REAL SEAMSTRESS!
She's a life~long quilter.
When I get stumped...she comes to the rescue.
{Don't you just love little fairies like that in your life...I do.}
You may not know it~
But I finished the YOGA bag today!
All the BELIEVING paid off!
I finished it!
I'm not going to tell you it was easy.
It was far from easy!
I totally had to man~handle this bag!
It was huge!
I had to change needles!
There was FORCE involved!
I had to let it know who was boss! 
All in all I'm happy with it.
There are a few things I'll do different next time.
I've spotted some uneven seams.
I wish it was perfect...but it's not.
I do know this~
It was made with lots of JOY and plenty of LOVE!
It was made for a friend...and I like that.

I'm certain I'll make this bag again tomorrow...and maybe the next day!
There's a burning down deep that yearns to perfect it!
There's a feeling about this bag!
A good feeling.
The YOGA bag!
I'm lovin' it!
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What are you loving today?


  1. That bag is looking pretty darned perfect to me! I'm sure SHE is gonna LOVE it! xo Diana

  2. You did a GREAT job...I wish I did yoga so you could make me one!!


  3. Wow, I am so proud of you! The bag is beautiful and I am sure your friend will treasure it knowing it was made by your loving hands!!!
    Way to go!!!

  4. That looks great!! How about making one for me too??? :)

  5. Are you kidding me Teresa?? You did a freakin' FABULOUS job on that!!! I can't even sew on a button. That looks like a FAMOUS bag!!! So proud of you girl!!!

  6. I would be over the moon if a friend made me a bag as beautiful as that! You ARE a brilliant seamstress Teresa(and cook,and wife,and friend,and Mum to Doogan etc,etc,never doubt that OK?
    Have a happy,happy weekend!

  7. It is gorgeous, and so is the fabric!
    I hope you go make one for yourself now ;o)

    Debbie and Kiki

  8. Outstanding! I used to sew a LOT and I wouldn't take this on ~ so happy you did and you WON! I love the bag and your friend will too. She won't find any flaws...only the love you included.

    SO proud of you!!

  9. Yay, you!!!

    "Then I remembered I was a seamstress. ;-)" Love that!

    And the only bags with perfect seams are made in a factory in China. Yours are made from the heart...on Bainbridge. ♥

    My mom always said that every quilt was supposed to have a mistake...so she would quilt them in. ;)

    And ps...I bet YOU are the only person who would notice an uneven seam! ;)

  10. yeah great job...love the fabric! & your tag!

  11. OMG!!! SEW-cute!! Love the fabric! We sell fabric too- http://www.snowmanlover.stampinup.net
    YOU did an awesome job!!! Cute style too! You ought to sell them!!

  12. That bag looks so great!! Love your tag... cute idea, Teresa!

    BTW: I'm your newest follower... and I LOVE your funny, positive, inspiring, creative blog!!! Have a nice & funny weekend! ~ Jutta

  13. The bag is beautiful just like the blog!

  14. You are fabulous and that yoga bag is absolutely beautiful. I'm sure your friend will treasure it with every inhale and exhale.

    I love your bloom label, just love it. It is so perfect for your company, it is so you Teresa and your store will do just that...bloom :)