~Please Pray for Murphy~

Doogan has a brother...his name is Murphy.
Murphy lives "in the country...at the farm...in Alabama.
Doogan and Murphy grew up together on the farm. 
Murphy belongs to my parents.
They were separated when Doogan moved to the Northwest and Murphy stayed behind...
on the farm...."in the country."
I had planned to post a yummy recipe today.
My heart's too heavy.
My heart's too sad.
I can't think about recipes.
This weekend we found out that Murphy is missing.
Murphy wandered into the woods and never came back.
The sad part is...this happened more than a month ago.
For over a month my parent's have been stricken with the deepest of heartache.
Back in the summer Murphy vanished into thin air on a warm, sunny day.
It wasn't until Greg returned to the farm that he heard the news.
My parent's had been keeping the sad news from us.
When Murphy didn't greet Greg he questioned my mother.
The tears began to fall.
Mother had to tell Greg the story of Murphy's disappearance.
When Greg returned home something didn't seem right.
Thursday night he sat Doogan and I down.
Deep in my heart I knew something had happened to Murphy.
Oddly enough...I had been concerned about Murphy.
There had been this tugging at my heart.
Once I questioned my parent's but they assured me Murphy was fine.
But he wasn't.
He was far from fine.
Murphy had become a mystery.
Our sweet sweet boy.
The dog Greg and I had given my parents...and expected them to grow old along side.
Doogan's brother and buddy.
What a waste.
Without one trace.
Murphy was gone.
The most painful part is not knowing.
What did he go through?
Could he still be out there?
All I want to do is fly home.
All I want to do is walk the woods and holler "MURPHY!"
"Where are you Murphy?"
"Murphy come home."
"Murphy~please please don't be gone."
Hundreds of flyers were mailed out.
Posters are everywhere.
Sweet sweet Murphy is on a poster...all over the county. :(
There's a LARGE reward for the return of Murphy.
Sweet sweet boy.
The sweetest most gentle dog that's ever lived.
Deep inside I always worried.
He played hard.
He ruled "the woods."
He romped with such freedom and JOY.
He was "The King of the Hill."
I always worried the woods would take him down.
Murphy is missing.
I can barely face the reality...the sadness.
Please pray for a miracle.
My parent's are broken.
It's the not knowing.
Please pray that God will deliver this sweet boy home.
*This post is dedicated to all the stray and lost furry creatures in the world.*
May God bless them~keep them safe and warm~and deliver them back home.


  1. My heart is so sad for you and the fam!!! Hoping for a miracle and he finds his way home.

  2. Oh Teresa...tears are falling for you, for Murphy, for your family. I sure do hope that someone found him...that perhaps someone is keeping him safe. Oh, how I pray he did not suffer in any way. My heart goes out to you all. Sending my prayers. xo

  3. Teresa.. I am so sorry for your parents.. it breaks my heart.. I teared up reading this. I cant even stand the thought of that happening to one of my babies. I will pray for Murphy and your parents.

  4. Oh no! My stomach just dropped. My heart is hurting for you and Greg and especially for your parents.

    This is my biggest fear for our Miss Daisy. We keep her on a lease ANY time we are outside our home. When we decided to get a soft coated wheaten, I read a book all about this breed. I learned that they LOVE all people and can easily go off with strangers. Just reading that made me fearful.

    We thought we lost her one time. We had a big party at our home and when we walked the last couple to their car, I wondered why Miss Daisy didn't try to go out with us. I went inside and couldn't find her anywhere. I called and I called and I called. No Miss Daisy. We absolutely panicked. We called friends and security and went out looking. We all met back at our house. No Miss Daisy. We were devastated. I couldn't understand why she would leave us. I couldn't believe it. I started looking AGAIN. Room by room. Closet by closet. When I got to the pantry and opened the door, there she sat. Patiently waiting for me to find her. She had not barked or scratched at the door when I called her. Bad girl! SCARED US TO DEATH! I guess when we were putting things away, she went inside and someone closed the door. It was a new experience for her, but she just sat there waiting for us to find her.

    I can only imagine how your parents and you and and Greg are feeling. I pray someone who loves dogs has her and is loving her BIG TIME. I hope they will see a flyer and will return her home.

    Big hugs and much love,

    (Miss Daisy sends kisses to Doogan)

  5. sorry teresa. my heart hurts for you as another dog lover. praying for murphy to return.

  6. Aww...that's so sad. On reading your post title, I thought Murphy must be ill or something. But to know that he's missing, is heartbreaking. I hope and pray he finds his way back home safely.

    Love and prayers!

  7. Praying! The Lord even watches out for the Sparrows, He will watch for an adorible loving giant! Praying the Lord's will to be done! So sorry for this hard time. I am a deep animal lover myself, I feel your pain.

  8. Oh NO!!!! NO!!! I am so sorry. Is he micro chipped? Perhaps he was taken, and he is still out there, and if he was micro chipped, he can still be found. I am praying so.
    Oh...I feel for you and your parents. And Murphy...please come home!

  9. Oh Teresa, I am so sorry. I have a wonderful dog myself and can only imagine the anguish you and your family is going through. Murphy knows he is much loved and if he gets the chance he will come home.
    My previous dog, Kerry, once went missing and after two weeks he came home, limping, with all the pads on his paws bleeding. It seems he had one chance to escape from whoever had him and he took it.
    I hope, with all my heart,that your story has a happy ending. Irene xxx

  10. I'm so sorry Teresa and I will keep little Murphy in my prayers. I have read stories about dogs gone missing yet finding their way home after months and if Murphy has not been taken in by someone, I'm sure he will come back to your parents'. If someone has *rescued* him, I pray that they see the flyers or read this post and return him safely to where he belongs.

  11. I am so sorry to hear this news, I will keep Murphy, you and your family in my thoughts and hope for a miracle.

    We had a dog run away and was gone 3 weeks and he came home fine so I hope you will still find him.

  12. oh Honey bunches we know God has a plan . I am so very sorry to hear this . It's as if my own George were out there, stricken with sadness of the news and pray for good outcomes. Love you sweetgirl.

  13. Praying for the safe and quick return of dear Murphy. I hope that if someone has him that they see the missing posters and call.


  14. I am sending prayers for his safe return. Furbabies have a special place in our hearts and our homes.

  15. Oh this is TERRIBLE my sweet friend...I will pray my little heart out for Murphys safe return. I can't even begin to image what you are all going through...sending you ooooodles of love and HOPE for his safe return. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoox

  16. Oh nooo Teresa I am so sad for you and your family. I cannot imagine what you are all going through, I feel so so sad for you. Although Murphy's been a long time missing, pets do return home sometimes so we'll all keep hoping he comes back soon. Thinking of you xox

  17. I am sorry. I hope he is found safe soon.

  18. Please check Facebook for local lost pets sites. We have one here in Miami and people find their animals all the time. You can post pics etc. I wish you the best of luck and love for Murphy.

  19. Oh, no! My heart is breaking... PLEASE keep us posted! Wishing, hoping and praying for Murphy's safe return! xxoo

  20. Oh I am so very sorry to hear this. This is definitely one of my worst fears. I join you in praying for his quick and safe return home. Please keep us posted!

  21. oh I just want to cry. I am so sorry for you and your parents. I hope by blogging about this someone may know!

  22. My heart is so heavy. I know how it feels to LOVE a sweet doggie and be LOVED by them. You and your entire family are in my thought and prayers. I so hope that Murphy is found. Love your girl!

  23. Prayers are going out to you and your family. Praying for a miracle that Murphy finds his way home.

  24. So sad to read this.
    How hard for your parents to have had dealt with this without your support. So loving that they wanted to protect you and Greg from the sadness.
    Prayers that Doogans brother will be found soon,

  25. My heart aches for your parents. If he doesn't come home I pray that some wonderful loving people found him and are loving him...and didn't see the posters and just thought he was a poor lost boy. I am saying a prayer for all of you- xo Diana

  26. My heart goes out to your parents and of course, you and Greg. I know that Murphy is being guided in the right direction since he has friends in high places. I'll be praying Teresa!

    Debbie and Kiki

  27. Oh my, this makes my eyes leak. I can't even imagine the anguish and sorrow. My heart hurts for all of you, including Murphy and Doogan. I'm sure it's already been asked but was he microchipped? If he's taken to a vet, that will reflect the true owner.

    My precious Forrester is a rescued Shih Tzu. He was found wandering the streets of Plano, a HUGE suburban area of Dallas. His fur was long, he was not neutered and he knew so many commands ~ I feel sure he was a show dog. Anyway, I often think of his original owners and how they must have felt with him missing. I am so very grateful to have him and I hope if Murphy was picked up that he has a true, loving home.

    Love to all,

  28. OH Dear...Teresa this is so sad...I shall hope & pray for his safe return.
    Thinking of you all..Colleen

  29. Dear Teresa,

    I've been trying, without success, to post a comment to your post about your and your parents' beloved Murphy, but for some reason, even after trying four separate times, the comment wouldn't go through. Because of that, I felt compelled to e-mail you personally, even though I've only just recently found and subscribed to your lovely blog.

    My heart is breaking for you and your parents. I know this pain, this heartache, this worry, this fear, this heart break all too well, unfortunately. I am praying, as we all are collectively, for Murphy's safe and quick return home to your parents. I wish there were something more I could say or do to help. I'm hoping that our collective prayers and your love and your parents' love for Murphy will guide him safely back home. Msy God look out for him, and keep him safe...I'm hoping and wishing and praying for this with all my heart.

    Please take care of yourself, and know that all our thoughts and prayers are with you, your parents, and especially, with Murphy.
    God, i just wish there were something else I could do.

    With much love and a heavy heart,

    June in Ireland

  30. Ooh Teresa nooo this is sad news for you and your family. How upsetting, I know how much we all love our fur babies :-(

    I will really hope for a positive outcome for you all. With a little luck perhaps he has just gone walkabout and will be found by somebody responsible who will return him to his loving family. I do hope so.

    Love Kitty xxx

  31. Oh, Teresa....I'm just seeing this post. I hope Murphy makes it back home....you know, they really do find their way home sometimes. ♥

    We had a kitty named Murphy who ran away in Alabama. We never did find him, but he was the friendliest little cat...I always hope maybe he found a good home. Maybe our Murphys are out there in Alabama playing together.