Doogan's Favorite Spot

I've mentioned Doogan's favorite spot before.
Aside from his cozy spot between Greg and I in bed...
This is his favorite spot in the house.
He's always on the look~out.
I'm certain he does plenty of wondering and daydreaming.
He doesn't have a clue how difficult it is to keep WHITE slipcovers WHITE!
You can pop here to see how I keep the slipcovers WHITE! ;)
Doogan has a favorite spot.
He's my boy!


  1. Thanks for stoppying by my blog the other day. I appreciate your comments.
    Doogan is such a sweet boy, I can tell. What does he like to see when he's looking out the window? Birds? Squirrels? Butterflies? Lizards basking on the ledge?


  2. Aww he looks very cosy there. I am loving his hair at the moment!

    Alfie's coat is looking very similar although I must get him a winter coat soon as it is starting to get cold on his walks.


  3. Doogan is totally adorable and I just love his favorite spot! Looks totally comfortable and great for a "look out" spot!!

    Hope all's well with you girlfriend!! You have been BUSY!!!

  4. When we brought Elsie home we wondered if we would let her on the sofas and chairs, but then I remembered that Jilly Cooper (who is one of my favourite authors) lets the dogs in her books sleep on the sofa, so that was good enough for me.

    Doogan looks so cozy, and it's a great position to watch out of the window. :)

  5. He's still the cutest boy around! Isn't it funny how he pushes between the cushion and the back of the sofa? xo Diana

  6. Oh I just love this dog so much and am still praying for the safe return of his brother. such cute photo!

  7. Hi Doogan!
    Well what do you know? That is MY favourite spot to sit too!
    Woofs and licks from Bella XXXXXXXXXXXXX

  8. I love that he gets between the back of the sofa and the a little private nest. He is adorable! My love bug gets on the furniture too. His favorite spot is the very large black & white ticking chair or the ottoman that matches. Both are washable and easy to handle. As long as he's happy, I'm happy! :-)


  9. He is so cuddly and cute! And you cannot tell him from the slip covers there!

  10. Oh my, Max better not see this post! He'd be very jealous that Doogan is allowed on the furniture as he is not. I'd have to tell him that when he gets a starring role in a local theatre production of Annie then he can have a spot on the sofa too.
    Sweet post Teresa.

  11. He's so sweet! Spike & Bluebell love to look out the window, too! Although, Spike is getting so chubby, that he spills OVER the windowsill. ;)

  12. WHEE! I like to believe you wrote this post just for me - didn't I bug you about this like ten times last month? =) My three dogs love that spot, too, and our darn couch is totally destroyed because of them. We call it "front yard TV." Thanks for the tips!!! ~Kristi