Blackberry Cobbler

Blackberries are in full BLOOM here on Bainbridge!
I LOVE blackberries!
I like em' with a little milk.
I like em' in muffins.
I like em' by themselves.
I like em' on the trails.
But most of all...
I like em' in COBBLER!
Almost every day we pick blackberries!
The other day when I was picking blackberries I kept thinking about all the friends
I wanted to make a cobbler for.
When I got home.
I got busy.
Busy finding the perfect Blackberry Cobbler recipe.
First cookbook I opened up was The Pioneer Woman Cooks!
Lucky me.
She had the perfect cobbler recipe.
This recipe is easy peasy!
Pop here to find Patsy's Blackberry Cobbler.
First you wash the blackberries.
Pat them dry.
All you need is:
~self-rising flour
Mix it all up.
Pour it in the baking dish.
Plop those beautiful blackberries in the batter.
Sprinkle some sugar on top.
Bake it up.
Wait on your house to smell like the most old~timey house ever!
Blackberry Cobbler reminds me of the good~ole~days.
You know.
Those days when country cooks used to sit pies and cobbler in the windowsill to cool.
When you take it out of the oven.
Take a great big whiff.
Talk about YUmmmmmmmY!
Take a look at the crust.
You can achieve that yummy crusty~crust by sprinkling sugar right up against the buttered edge.
I got so excited about the first cobbler.
I made a second cobbler.
I kept thinking my FRIENDS are going to LOVE these!
Aren't they pretty!
Well that's not where the BLACKBERRY story ends.
I got so excited about these two cobblers.
I made one more.
And then another!
Friends need cobbler!
Do you need a cobbler?
Happy week to you my sweet friends.


  1. Have just rushed to get my recipe book to write this one down.Guess what I'll be doing later today? :0)

  2. Yummy! I'd love some with my coffee this morning :-)

  3. Hey Girl!
    Your cobblers look great. I'd love to have a little bit of cobbler for breakfast right now!!
    If we can ever get together, I'll show you how Sister (my aunt, you remember) taught me how to make cobbler when I was around 8 or 9. The best cobbler compliment I ever got was from my sister-in-law. James doesn't eat cooked fruit, but she and the rest of the family does. Anyway, she said my cobbler looked and tasted like their grandmother's cobbler! That was a big deal, because the only thing I've ever heard about that grandmother was how good a cook she was.


  4. I desperately need a blackberry cobbler!!! It's my favorite after all and I consider myself a friend. What time should I expect it? :-)

    Seriously, looks wonderful! I do my cobblers with regular pie crust, etc. Any cobbler is delish though, especially blackberry!


  5. Your blackberry clobblers look PERFECT and yummy too! Well done, you!!

  6. Heading to the store now! I love Ree!! Her show starts on Aug 27th on the Food Network!!

    PS: I need your address!!

  7. Your friends are going to love to see you coming with these gorgeous cobblers!

  8. This is a fantastic recipe! I had to make this as a good luck in the new fall semester for my husband and it was delicious. Thanks you for the wonderful recipe :)