My Brother is an Artist

My brother is an artist.
I know I've mentioned it before.
But I'll mention it again.
Justin creates the kind of paintings that bring a room to life.
The expressions speak.
This weekend Justin is exhibiting his art in Chicago at The Old Town Art Fair.
July 2-4 Justin will be in the Cherry Creeks Art Festival.
Labor Day weekend Justin will exhibit his art at the Sausalito Art Festival.
Guess who's going to Sausalito with Justin?
That's who! sister Melly!
And Greg! ;o)
Can you believe we've rented a houseboat!
My brother JUSTIN is an artist.
And I'm his biggest fan.
I always have been.
Linking up with my sweet friend TidyMom!
Cause I LOVE her!
{I love all of my blogging friends...I hope you know that!}
And I just LOVE my brother's art!
What are YOU loving today!
I'd just LOVE to know! ;o)


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry we missed him when he was in Houston! Tell him: Next year....The Woodlands Art Festival. ;) I love seeing his art and the whole booth with ALL of his art!

    Have fun in on the HOUSEBOAT!!!

  2. I just found your blog and love it. Your dog is the cutest. My sister is an artist also, and you have inspired me to feature her work on my blog. I hope he makes some good sales at the various festivals, his work looks really fun. I love the color!

  3. Your brother is a very good artist! Thank you for sharing his very colourful and creative work with us. Best wishes to him at all his showings and enjoy the show and your time with him in Sausalito.

  4. Very, very cool. Love the faces and the colors. Good luck to your brother. He's so lucky to have a sister who is his biggest fan!

  5. How NICE to have an artist in the family! Thanks for sharing!

  6. What FUN! I love all the exuberant colors and his passion for art! I think the pig is hysterical! My girlfriend would love it. Is he using mixed media-oils? acrylics? I love all the bits & pieces he works into his pieces.

    Have fun on the houseboar! You will love it! xo Diana

  7. What fun...I love his colours! Hope all is well sweet friend..happy weekend. xoxo

  8. What a fabulous tribute to your brother. I love the bold colors and funky vibe of his work! And renting a houseboat in Sausalito - does it get any better than that? Have a wonderful time!

  9. I do like your brother's art work! Have you ever been to Cherry Creek? Wonderful place. Enjoy the houseboat ... what fun! Thanks for sharing ~j.

  10. wow! your brother is super talented;)