This Is What I Know~

This is what I know:
~Waking up to SUNSHINE lights up my soul!
~It takes an entire day...or wash WHITE slipcovers.
~This morning for breakfast I had stir~fried veggies and one egg.
~Stellar Jays are my friends.
~They LOVE me!
~I feed them big peanuts...and talk to them.
{They listen...I'm not kidding.}
~Last night I went to YOGA instead of staying home and watching American Idol.
~Sweating in hot yoga is one of the greatest feelings EVER!
{I am drenched when I leave.}
~The only way to describe how I feel at the end of yoga is to say that it feels like I feel when
I'm on HAPPY gas at the dentist!
{And that's my favorite FEELING in the world! ;o) }
~Saturday night we're hosting a "THROW DOWN!"
Two couples are going to see who can "throw down" the yummiest risotto!
I love risotto...don't you.
~Yesterday I cut my first watermelon of the season.
It was heaven.
I sprinkled course sea salt on it...and ate one whole half in one sitting!
~I have a huge crush on Steven Tyler!
I know. I know. He's a WILD dude!
I think he's fascinating.
Greg's okay with it.
~I'm loving PURPLE toes!
~I can't get enough of this color!
~Yesterday I got my toes happy~ed up!
I didn't have time to get my nails done.
~Getting toes and nails done all in one sitting is just too much sitting for me.
Especially when it's SUNNY outside!
~I really need to get movin' and groovin.'
I need to end this post.
There's gonna be a lot of people in my house Saturday night.
I've got lots to do.
One more thing.
I'm completely in love with sharing my life with you.
Thank you for embracing my world and enhancing my life!
I adore you.
I treasure every word that I read from you.
YOU make Blooming on Bainbridge such a SWEET place to be.
Thank you.
Wishing you the loveliest~most fun~most delightful weekend ever!
Did I already say I LOVE purple toes! ;o)
Have you planted your spring~summer plants yet?


  1. Amazing... I thought I was looking at my pics first in google... we had the same fun planting full of life, spray of greenery kind of day.

    Plant On,
    Kate - The Garden Bell...

    Gotta love those purple toes.

  2. Looks like fun Teresa! I am in love with my new OPI Crackle polish from the Katy Perry Collection! I do indeed love purple toes!

    Hugs to Doogan!!

  3. Cute toes! A good pedicure with pretty paint is a sure fire way to put a spring in your step!

  4. I love sunny days too-they just lift your soul! Esp. after all the rain we have had where I live. Looks like you got a lot of great things to plant too-
    Bring on summer!! : )

  5. Well, I love your polish but I love your flowers and birds even more!;>) We still are not able to plant outside. We did get into the high 60s today-a first this Spring, I think.

    I am so glad you are still doing yoga. I wondered if you were. Happy Spring Days! xxoo Diana

  6. I just love, love, love that Stellar Jay!! I just love birds in the wild like that. I replanted one of my pots today, so I was out in the dirt and sunshine, too. Good Luck with the contest on Saturday night!!!

  7. It's always fun to visit you and see what you're up to. Your THROW DOWN sounds like fun. You go girl...take the prize! Love your purple polish. Mine are blue right now...with sparkles. Cute photo of Doogan.


  8. That was a lovely post! I too love watermelons and love summers for the very reason! And pink is my favorite too, be it nail colors, dresses, bags and even shoes!!!

    Have a great weekend!

  9. What a happy post! It put a big smile on my face! I love purple and now am inspired to give myself a pedicure.

    Enjoy your throw down -- sounds like such a fun time!

    Happy Weekend! :)

  10. I have been reading your blog for a while now and I thoroughly enjoy you. You brighten my day!

  11. I love that you share what you love! We don't have stellar jays around here but we have blue jays and I feed them peanuts every day and they love to visit (only because of the peanuts LOL). I love that you are adventurous to paint your toenails all different colours. I only paint mine red (I'm a trashy old lady like that). I love the sun (need it) and have seen it once in the past week, but that's O.K., 'cause my gardens are loving the rain and my indoors got some much needed attention. Have fun with your thrown-down this weekend. I know your guests certainly will. Anytime spent with you can only be FUN!
    P.S. Can't believe that you didn't get a tummy ache eating half a watermelon like that!

  12. I got my toes purdied up yesterday too! French, not purple - I like your purple better! :)

    It's a beautiful day here, and I wish I was outside sucking up the sunshine... Pretty soon! Another hour and I'll be on the ride home. Terry has the lawns mowed, pool clean and he washed the sheets for me this morning. He knows how to prepare for the weekend, believe me! :)

    Your plants and your birds and your surroundings are as lovely as you are!

    Much love!


  13. This is what *I* know...i love your happy we have "met."

    And I have a bag of peanuts I'm going to set out on our table for the Blue Jays. :)