I'm LOVIN'...Keyka Lou Patterns!

I know!
I know!
I haven't learn to sew...yet!
I know this!
But here's the thing~
Several months ago...I was scoping out all things lovely on ETSY!
Do you ever do that?
See what you can find that's lovely...on ETSY!
Well I do...and here's what I found.
LOVELY market~grocery totes!
At first I thought I was seeing things!
I was like..."WHAT!"
"How can something be THAT CUTE!"
I mean these reusable grocery totes were just my style!
Don't you just LOVE~IT when you spot something that's JUST YOUR STYLE!
I began to envision me carrying these hip little bags into the market!
I began to envision CREATING them myself!
I knew then.
I really did know!
I MUST learn to SEW!
I was so fascinated with these reusable grocery bags.
I was reading the details...like the size of the bags.
Then I noticed the pattern for the bag was designed by 
It was like I was following a trail of sorts.
A trail that would lead me to this!
More and more and more of the same!
More of the same UNIQUE~adorable~HIP~fun~VINTAGE designs!
I was honestly spell~bound!
I couldn't believe I had discovered Keyka Lou!
And how cute is that name!
*Keyka Lou*
The name originates from her fur~baby that passed away right before she opened her Etsy shop.
How sweet is that!
Are you LOVING these designs as much as I am?!
I mean these patterns are SERIOUSLY cute!
I want one in every single design!
Keyka Lou chooses the most adorable fabrics!
LOVE LOVE LOVE the buttons she sews on her designs!
This is Lila!
She's a lucky little fur~girl!
She belongs to Keyka Lou!
Every time Lila gets a bath...she gets a HAPPY new collar!
{Are you LOVING that sofa she's snuggled up on!}
So here's the deal!
Keyka Lou creates and sells PATTERNS!
That's the deal!
See WHY I decided I just have to LEARN to sew!
Believe it or not...
I have already purchased 4 of her patterns and I don't even know how to SEW!
{How crazy it that?}
That's how INSPIRED I am by these DESIGNS!
Keyka Lou has a fabulous SEWING BLOG!
She inspires with all kinds of tutorials!
She features the buttons and fabrics she uses!
I pop over to Keyka Lou at least once a day and just SWOON over the lovely~ness!
I DREAM of sewing!
I DREAM of choosing fabrics and buttons and BEAMING at my own creations!
This is the DITTY Bag!
Try not to pass~out over the CUTENESS!
This is Keyka Lou's newest pattern release!
The pattern features 3 sizes!
Is that not the most UNIQUE little bag?
Keyka Lou features sewing tips for creating these bags here.
If you love HIP~unique~adorable~vintage looking designs...
like I do...
you're gonna LOVE LOVE LOVE Keyka Lou Patterns!
And guess what!
Keyka Lou is CELEBRATING 3 years in business!
All of her patterns are $5!
That's right!
You won't BELIEVE how user~friendly and colorful the patterns are!
Trust me!
Trust me on this!
I'm LEARNING to SEW...so I can CREATE these DESIGNS!
Thanks for the INSPIRATION Keyka Lou!
So glad you're right here in the Northwest!
Sending you and Miss Lila oooooodles of LOVE from Bainbridge Island!
Linking up with TidyMom!
Cause I'm just LOVIN' Keyka Lou Patterns!
Pop over...see what everyone is LOVING! 
Keyka Lou Patterns on Etsy here~
Keyka Lou on Flickr here~


  1. Teresa I love these- the fabrics, the patterns. So much fun! xo, Mique

  2. Love the fabrics and patterns! I look forward to seeing what goodies you create :) ♥

  3. Teresa- Oh- I love her sweet fabrics and patterns! I have never heard of her but I will check her out now. Did you get your sewing machine yet? I'll bet you are just champing at the bit to get started! xxoo Diana

  4. Headed to pick my machine up this weekend! Yeah!

  5. LOVE these fabric, Teresa...they are so fun!


  6. Thank you for featuring this Etsy store. I love the designs too!

    Long Wait For Isabella

  7. These are so fun...and I can't wait to see what you come up with!!! I'll take one of everything!

  8. What cute stuff...all of it!..So excited to see what you choose for your 1st project!

  9. very, very cute, Teresa!
    What a talented person!
    love the patterns... dreaming about having time to sew ~
    miss sewing so much... I must make more time in my day for those favorite things ♥
    Happy weekend to you*

  10. Those bags are so cute and fun! They make me want several so I can go on a trip! Love the funky fabric,too!

  11. Cute bags and great fabric...love it!!Good for you Teresa..learning to sew...I just know you will be fabulous at it!!
    Cheers :)

  12. hi just popped over from creative mommas and found you. You have a great site here, love the bags you found and I look forward to reading more of your findings!

  13. Found your fun blog on a facebook page...I sew constantly and have an Etsy shop so I will definitely stop by her shop and check out these wonderful patterns.=)