INDIE Business 3.0...I'm a STUDENT!

You won't BELIEVE this!
I'm a student!
I've enrolled in INDIE Business 3.0!
INDIE Business 3.0 is an "interactive and INSPIRING 6 week Online Class
for anyone wanting to build an online or local CREATIVE business!"
You can pop here and read all about it!
INDIE 3.0 is being taught by three INSPIRING and outrageously TALENTED girls!
Leigh~Ann Keffer of Freckled Nest
Jill Munro of Lune Vintage
Lisa Leonard of Lisa Leonard Designs
You may or may not know...
that I'm READY to figure out what it is I want to DO for the rest of my life!
Before we moved to Bainbridge Island...I taught Kindergarten and First Grade!
I wonder if you knew that?
I did!
I was!
I really was a TEACHER!
And I LOVED it!
Everything in my classroom had glitter on it! ;o)
{I HEART glitter!}
I LOVED inspiring little~ones to SMILE and DREAM!
and BELIEVE in themselves!
But now it's time to INSPIRE ME!
It's time to BELIEVE...and CREATE...and follow my DREAMS!
That's why I enrolled in INDIE Business 3.0!
The first assignment {Yes...we have homework!}
was to CREATE a portfolio~workbook for the 6 week course.
Leigh~Ann inspired us to get CRAFTY!
The portfolio should REFLECT your personal "STYLE and PERSONALITY!"
I was all about this project!
If you can believe this...I had not had my CRAFTy supplies
out since I arrived to Bainbridge Island!
I really can't explain why I haven't pulled it all out!
Maybe I've been so busy settling in to my new life in the Northwest!
Maybe it's because I haven't created the perfect spot for CRAFTs!
Maybe I was waiting...waiting for an opportunity!
I am telling you!
When I spread out all my supplies...and began to CREATE!
I was beyond INSPIRED!!!
Greg walked by once and said:
"What are you doing?"
I said:
"Getting CRAFTY!!!"
I was BACK!
The CRAFTy side of myself was BLOOMING!
I kept asking:
"Where have you been?"
The feeling I used to get...
surrounded by CRAFTY supplies...
was all coming back to me!
I was in my own CRAFTy~CREATIVE world...
and I was LOVING it! ;o)
This is my portfolio~workbook!
I was BEAMING when I shared it with Greg and Doogan!
This is the little pocket Leigh~Ann taught us how to make!
It makes me SMILE!
It makes me HAPPY!
It INSPIRES me each time I open the workbook!
Pop here to see Gussy's workbook!
Pop here to see Chrissy's of Hoot Designs!
Chrissy is a new blogging friend I've made through taking the class together!
That's another great thing about this class...making NEW and INSPIRING FRIENDS!
I feel certain I'm one of the oldest student's in the class!
But that's okay!
I was teaching when I was much younger!
This is MY time now!
My time to DREAM...and CREATE...and BELIEVE that I CAN!
I can follow my dreams in a direction they have always wanted to go! ;o)
I want to THANK the SWEET~FRIEND that linked me to this class!
You know who you are! ;o)
She knew!
She knew about my DREAMS!
I was THRILLED to find out about INDIE Business 3.0!
Do you KNOW how delighted that CRAFTY mess makes me!
I LOVE it when I get to creating and then stand back...
when all is done...and see the spot where all the CREATING has taken place!
Don't you just LOVE a messy~crafty table!?
I'm so INSPIRED I'm going to CREATE a STUDIO!
I've gotta have somewhere inspiring to get my CREATIVE~GROOVE on!
You just wait!
Soon I'll be sharing my turquoise and pink and red studio!
You just wait! ;o)
Guess what else!?
You can register too!
That's right!
I don't think it's too late!
Pop here to register for INDIE Business 3.0!

Thanks to Leigh~Ann and Jill and Lisa!
Thanks for inspiring!
Thanks for re~kindling the CREATIVE~CRAFTy side of ME!
I am totally INSPIRED!
What's inspiring YOU today?
I'd just LOVE to know!
Linking up with KIM at Today's Creative Blog!
I am finally "Getting My CRAFT On!"


  1. You go girlfriend! Good for you for following your dream. It sounds like a fun class.


  2. WOW...with those instructors, mentors, you are in good company!
    Looks very interesting! So creative!...Just like you!

  3. I LOVE your notebook...very creative and pretty! You are going to do so well. I wish you all the best!


  4. Happy Monday!
    Congrats on following your dreams. I absolutely *LOVE* what you created. Your pictures are always so captivating and you certainly inspire creativity. Thanks for sharing. Oh, and I LOVED your video below. I meant to comment but got busy. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog! XOXO ~Liz

  5. YEOW! I'm lovin' Indie Biz! So glad you're taking it, too!!!!! I can't wait to see some of the fun things you come up with.

    PS. Creativity is necessary -- I love that you "get" that ;]

  6. Yahooooo my sweet friend...this sounds like so much fun. I love the first assignment! I wish I could join in the fun...and learn something as well. You will be a great student...such wonderful instructors as well.

    Can't wait to hear more....

    Have a great new week...fill it with sunshine! You have started my Monday morning off with pure inspiration...thank you...I can now tackle my list of a billion things to get done today with a smile.


  7. This is so fun! I love how yours turned out. I am taking the class too & it's sooo much fun being a student again. Enjoy!

  8. So happy to hear of your new inspired class! LOVE your notebook!

  9. This looks like an amazingly wonderful class and I'm so jealous! ENJOY every second of it!


  10. Congratulations Teresa!!! This looks like a fun class and I'm sooooo glad to see your messy table filled with inspiration (you should see my work table). Have fun in class - can't wait to see your creations!

  11. Good for you Lady! I hope this class plays into your paint-your-own-pottery idea! I'm searching for some inspiration myself, maybe I should look into the class! I'm WHOOTIN for you East of the Mountains!!

  12. It's funny that you posted this today b/c I was thinking of you this morning (I passed a walking trail) and was wondering if you worked or what kind of work you did in the past. What a co-inky-dink.

    Good luck with the class.

  13. I am so glad that you enrolled in this class. I have had the feeling that you weren't quite "settled" yet...that you were looking for something..some little piece of yourself...and I think you have found it now. How wonderful that you were a teacher. How I wish I could put SweetCheeks in your class. Imagine what fun you would have with that little girl's imagination...and inspired by YOU? I can only imagine the growth she would experience.

    I, for one, can't WAIT to see you grow. I love a crafty mess too...except the clean up part- lol. I hope you can set aside a space where you don't have to tear down and set up each time you want to get crafty.

    I wish I had the time to do this class too...but my time is at a premium right now...a high one...sigh...

    Have a wonderful Monday night. xxoo Diana

  14. Oh, I'm going to really enjoy watching your progress with the class!

  15. How fun that you're doing this! I love how your portfolio turned out :). Are you hoping to open a business? If so what kind? I recently opened a handmade greeting card shop on etsy and I've been LOVING it so far ;)