A year or so ago I realized I needed a DAILY Schedule!
I needed a schedule that specified what time I needed to do what during the course of a day.
I needed a schedule that specified what day I needed to do what...during the course of a week.
Don't ask why...I just know I needed it.
Looking back over the past year I see a lack of CONSISTENCY in my life.
And productivity equals results!
For whatever reason...I never created the DAILY Schedule.
I let time go by.
I let days go by.
I never took the time to create what I knew might be the key to consistency in my life.
Last week I had my first meeting with Angie~the nutritionist~Nutrition Northwest.
I was thrilled that one of the main focuses of this program would be CONSISTENCY.
Angie advises we begin simple...and consistent.
I like the sounds of that!
I also like the DAILY Schedule I created!
It's very simple.
I'm also going to create a WEEKLY Schedule~
a "Things to do Monthly" Schedule~
A CLEANING Schedule~
And a specific Work~out Schedule.
I might even create a CRAFT~sewing Schedule.
That's just the way it is.
I'm LOVIN' my new Daily Schedule!
Do you have a SCHEDULE?
I'd just LOVE to know?
Wanna know what The Fur~Ball is LOVING?
He's loving the orange GORILLA!
This is Doogan's favorite toy!
He's chewed out all the SQUEEKERS.
The orange GORILLA sits in the pantry on top of his treat jar.
When Doogan's getting a treat...he follows me to the pantry door.
He waits on the orange gorilla to give him hand signals.
I'm not even joking.
Without a word...Doogan follows the hand~commands of the orange gorilla.
He "sits" when the gorilla gives him the signal.
He "lays down" when the gorilla signals him to!
He has the most SERIOUS~humiliated look on his face.
{Like mom...do I really have to do this.}
But he does it...he follows the commands every time!
He's consistent...ah...haha! ;o)
You can only imagine how much I giggle!
Maybe that's why he does it!
He likes to make his mommy giggle!
Whatever the reason is...it sure is CUTE!
Linking up with TIDYMOM!
Cause I'm LOVIN' some CONSISTENCY in my life!
And of course...I love you too!
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  1. I like your idea of making schedules. I need to get more organized and I think a schedule would really help me out too. Your little Doogan looks like my Chloe. She is a Bichon Frise.

  2. I need consistency in my schedules too and I've been pretty good lately I'm happy to say. Doogan is so adorable! Miss Daisy loves her treats too and will follow my signals to get them. Such a sweetie.


  3. I have trouble keeping up with schedules... then when I don't do it exactly the way it says my OCD kicks in and I fell like I am going crazy!!!! But I think it is because I didn't start up slow like you did... I might have to try that!

  4. This particular schedule was designed with my new eating plan in mind.
    I had a tendency to:
    ~drink coffee
    ~skip breakfast
    ~eat a bite...just a bite...before noon.
    ~then eat the bulk of my calories around 5:00 p.m and after.
    To get in the swing of the NEW routine...I needed a schedule to remind me when I'm suppose to be eating....take vitamins~etc...

  5. Saying hello to you and Doogan! Best of luck with your schedule!

    After Kiki chews out all the squeekers, I sometimes replace them by doing "surgery" on the stuffed toy. I have a drawers of extra squeekers :o)

    Debbie and Kiki

  6. Heehee hee!
    Teresa...the orange gorilla is a hoot!
    When Muffin was alive and in her glory days...she LOVED her stuffies! oh I miss that pup so!

    I REALLLLLY need a schedule for cleaning again. I used to have one for the kids when they were little, but now I'm finding I need one for myself!

    Teresa, I posted today a THANK YOU for the birdie lovin' necklace from your giveaway!
    again ~ thank you dear ♥

    ps. I hope you're safe during the tsunami warnings! I'm praying for the Japanese, Hawaiians and all our ppl on the west coast.

  7. I love a schedule too. It really makes a difference, doesn't it?

    Love that gorilla lol.

  8. Be safe out there by the water!
    Two sort of odd things that lend consistency to my life are Weight Watchers and my dogs. As staff at WW, I have to be cosistent about my dietary habits, so I always know my "safe zone." My dogs requre the same care day in, day out regardless my mood, the weather, other plans, etc. So there are some tasks I must accomplish, no matter. As Martha would say; it's a good thing.
    I am blessed.

  9. I keep a written schedule for certain things, the rest is organized in my head. The older I get however, the more I have to write down. LOL I've always had to have things neat, orderly and structured and yes, I believe it certainly makes me more productive.
    Good luck with your new Program Schedule. I'm sure after a few weeks of following it you will find that you don't need to refer to the *schedule* as it will have become part of your daily routine.
    Doogan's *Gorilla Treat Training* routine must be adorable to watch. He's such a smart little fellow. (sure has a lot of chew toys in that basket behind the gorilla!)

  10. Great big gorgeous pic of Doogan and love his orange gorilla! Talking of schedules, I'm off to a huge planning meeting for the rest of the morning- booo! Have a great weekend!

  11. That gorilla is as cute as a button!

    Have a lovely weekend, Teresa xxx

  12. I can.not.functon.without my schedule. Yours is super cute to boot!!

    I keep a list of daily tasks and love to cross them off with my yellow highlighter.

    Good luck with your healthy eating habits.


  13. I try to stick with a schedule....but it rarely works:) I am just not that organized!!! Good luck with your scheduling:)

  14. You know what....I am so much better with lists! Maybe I should try a SCHEDULE...that is the ULTIMATE list! I even bought a mousepas with a write-on daily calendar. It is it written on that mousepad...I DO it! Guess what *wasn't* on my list? Your package! See....I need a list!

  15. I ♥ your cute handwriting! Maybe others don't notice handwriting, but I sure do! I strive to have cute (perfect) handwriting too! Makes me all happy happy. Heehee. Ü

  16. I am pretty consistent with most things. Maybe because I still work outside the house I need a schedule to keep ME on course. So, I have things that I do everyday & every week..but the sad thing is that I don't seem to find time to pencil in ME time..and I miss that. Nice job on your scheduling, Teresa...It keeps the mind humming, doesn't it when we are not paralyzed by unproductivity. I love being productive. Hugs- Diana

  17. I would love to see Doogan and Gorilla together,that sounds really SO cute! You have to get a video of that.Sounds like your nutritionist is really helping you to get motivated and organised,something I need to do! :0)

  18. i think i might start writing my lists in bright pens! Yours looks too adorable to forget about or not notice!!

    Visiting from indie biz.. i absolutely love your pictures in your header lol

  19. I live or die by my schedule- Teaching school requires me to be very scheduled with my class- I even use timers to keep me on track during the day- The kids love it!! I keep my workouts very scheduled by signing up for classes/trainers $$ - I will not miss them if I have to pay:) I have been on the same routine for 3 years now and I am in best shape I have ever been in and it has been the CONSISTENCY- You are on the right track Teresa. Being on Jenny Craig and having a consultant has been the other piece that has kept my eating more routine and scheduled. I have learned that having these support systems in my life give me the structure I need to be successful. When I feel strong, healthy and disciplined I am so much more productive in all areas of my life. Good luck with the routine/schedule. They will make a huge difference! Love to you, Greg and Doogan XX00

  20. I could not agree with you more!
    I love schedules and have noticed that from time to time I need to redo them so that they fit my lifestyle at that particular time. :o)
    I am so much more productive when each minute counts. :o)
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Sincerely, Trish

  21. Teresa and Doogan I just wanted to let you know I awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award
    Thanks for visiting and have a great weekend :) Cate

  22. I think after
    spring break {when
    everyone in my home
    will break OUT of
    their normal routines}
    I want to try this,
    too ~ more structure
    and less go with the
    flow....which often
    floats me off in to
    areas of my life that
    are not as productive
    as I'd like them to be.
    So happy that you've
    found that this works
    for you!! I'm sure
    you'll be inspiring
    a lot of us to do the
    same. Enjoy the rest
    of your weekend!!
    xx Suzanne

  23. I LOVE your schedule Teresa!! Like some of the other commentors, I do better with lists...I should give this a try!

    Oh I bet Doogan LOVES that orange gorilla!! - Steve bought Steve a new "special" toy last night! I should send you the video, he wore him self out barking at it! lol