Healthy WHOLE Foods

I made a grocery list.
I spoke with Angie~the Nutritionist...on the phone.
Then I made a grocery list.
I made a healthy WHOLE~Foods grocery list.
According to Wikipedia:
"WHOLE foods are foods that are unprocessed and unrefined. 
WHOLE foods typically do~not contain added ingredients."
Let me just say.
Buying healthy WHOLE foods takes awhile!
I was in Central Market for what seemed like forever!
Studying labels~
labels on sauces for chicken marinades and veggie stir~frys.
Searching for products I had never heard of.
Re~stocking on products I had heard of.
Letting go of the whole FAT~FREE thing.
Searching for products to ENHANCE the flavor of food.
Seeking out WHOLE~GRAINS.
And toppings for organic yogurt.
I wonder if anyone in Central Market was watching?
Watching me go from aisle to aisle.
Spinning the cart about...back~tracking.
Studying THE LIST.
Grabbing GRAINS.
Tossing in PROTEIN.
Tossing in CARBS.
And COLOR....lots of COLOR.
All of these WHOLE foods put together...equal a "good thing."
Thank goodness Justin's was still on THE LIST.
Shopping for WHOLE Foods takes awhile.
Just ask The Fur~Ball.
When I made it to the car I felt like I'd been in a WHOLE~NEW {different} WORLD.
Here's my HEALTHY WHOLE foods cart.
And here' s that funky cute bag I CHANGED into the other day.
Ready to return home~unload these HEALTHY WHOLE FOODS...and begin EATING!
Just call me a WHOLE~FOODS Girl! ;o)
{Don't forget your re~usable bags}
LIVE Green!
Be KIND to all living~breathing~creatures.
You can find the KIND bars here.
Happy HEALTHY Week to you!


  1. I just bought that exact same Kashi cereal to put on yogurt (also Mountain High)! Love your list! :) xo

  2. You GO Girl...good 4 U!!! Eating Clean = energy and feeling Fabulous.
    Haven't been blogging for awhile...busy with "things"..TBA...hopefully soon.
    Just wanted to show my utmost support to your healthy living and what I refer to as Eating Clean as in the Tosca Reno program which I love.

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your grocery bags and see you just strutting around with lots of pink :)

  4. Looks like great food!! I'm very impressed! Keep up the great work!!

  5. I've never see a shopping cart look so cute!

  6. I just LOVE those sandwich thin rounds! They are so yummmy!You are too cute with your pink eco grocery bags and your "doodle-ized" grocery list!

    Have a great week!

  7. I have NEVER been to a Whole Foods and I am so excited to do it. I have heard it takes forever to get through...even without reading labels.

    I wish you all the best on your new plan!!


  8. looks like you are on the right track with your eating. a change of lifestyle is what it takes. i am proud of you. this is marla

  9. My girlfrend & I spent so much time in the Trader Joe isles we had to tell the sweet kind ever present clerk we where new @ this and would be a while!
    Yeah for healthy eating and the 100 mile diet!
    (Thank Goodness Bellingham is less than 100 miles away!)

  10. i want to grocery shop with you!!
    if for no other reason that to play with your doggy. teasin...seriously trying to make healthier choices for my family too

    love your baggu bags & others too

  11. Why I am not surprised to see that your re-usable grocery bags are splashed with pink :)

    Whole food shopping is more time consuming and you have to be careful that things that are marked *organic* actually are.

    If you can't pronounce the ingredients, it isn't organic.

  12. T! I love you girl. Even your grocery list and bags "smile".

    I am so excited for your Whole Food Adventure! You inspire me! Keep it up sister!

    Farmgirl HUGS!!!

  13. Mmmm now that's a vision of scrumminess! All that green stuff, we're so lucky that we have lots of organic farm shops around us. We just have to ask for it and they go and pick it, but more to the point I love your grocery bags :D
    Is that Maple Syrup from THE Coombs on the way to Tofino? It all looks beautiful - I'm inspired to eat healthy today! :)

  14. I'm ready to do the same thing! I just told my boys last night that now that it's FINALLY turning into Spring, we're making a change! Good for you for GOING FOR IT!! I LOVE all the pink reuseable bags!! Did you actually go into town to Whole Foods or a local store? Fess up, how much did that shopping trip set you back?!

  15. Thanks for the ENCOURAGEMENT Sweet Friends!
    I am HONESTLY feeling so much better already!
    I am not kidding!
    These WHOLE foods are working miracles on me!
    It's not EASY passing the CHEESE~NIPS and the frosted Animal Crackers in the grocery store...but I can tell already it's going to be worth it!
    Hugs to EVERYONE!
    Doogan and I adore you!

  16. Krista~
    WHOLE foods are a bit costly...but if you're not tossing all the PROCESSED foods in the completely evens out.

  17. We call Whole Foods Whole Paycheck here in the South. But in California, we just called Whole Foods HOME! Honestly, the BEST place to shop for the BEST things, including fresh cut flowers. Oh how your post makes me miss my Monterey Whole Foods. And, Monterey, period! Your reusable bags are to die for!

  18. I have been trying to eat clean for the last two months. I have lost 14 lbs.! I'm also walking 3 miles almost every day. It is more expensive, but so worth it. I do feel better--especially since I'm thinner! Am going to keep it up. I love to cook so I'm trying to include my family in all this healthier eating, especially my three kids. Good luck and keep it up!!

  19. WOW Adrienne!
    14 pounds~That is FABULOUS!
    Good for YOU!
    Thanks for the encouragement!

  20. OK. I just have to comment on how stinkin cute your grocery list and bags are. You are adorable.

  21. P.S. And congrats on the healthy eating. I'll get better one of these days.

  22. Hi Teresa! I'm smiling way over here on the east coast...
    I don't have a Whole Foods around here... but I do buy my Kashi {had Go Lean Crunch on my Chobani -Greek yogurt- today for lunch!}
    Love my naturally ground right there on the spot peanut butter... and all those other yummy things Kashi makes for us to eat without reading the label any more! That's the one good thing now, Teresa, you KNOW what to buy and won't need so much time...
    I promise, Doogan, your mommy won't be so long in the store next time ;o)
    I agree with all here ... your bags and shopping list are so YOU - adorable!
    If anyone DID notice you shopping with purpose, they should have taken your picture for an advertisement for Whole Foods... You must have looked so darn cute shopping there!
    ♥ take care ♥

  23. Hi sweet friend! Good for you. Sounds like you have a great plan and are enjoying the adventure to good health! new chico bags arrived today. LOVE THEM! They actually arrived right before I was heading to the store so I was able to take them with me. Perfect. Love them so much. Thank you.


  24. Whole Foods is a great store, and I shop there when I am in New York City visiting family. Enjoy your whole grains! Doogan looks very patient ;o) I would have to wash my car before I could take a picture of my grocery bags! Love the pink!

    Debbie and Kiki

  25. Wow...could I ever learn from you. One day I need to go shopping with that would be FUN!!!

    You always keep me on track....right now I have a jar of chocolate chip peacan oatmeal cookies staring at me...and I am going to TRY to be good. xoxoooxx hugs my sweet sweet friend. xoxoxo

  26. I love Kashi!!! It takes a great deal more time to shop when you are reading all the labels!! I went through some serious health issues and had to be on a strict diet with alot of organic and sugar free foods. It took me FOREVER to shop. Seriously!! We don't have a Whole Foods near us...sounds like a fun place to shop! I do have a question you take Doogan with you to Seattle when you shop? Does he stay in the car while you are shopping? Or maybe you have a Whole Foods on the island?? Still hoping and praying you are safe girlfriend....It is just devastating to see those images coming out of Japan.

  27. Hi Girls~
    Yeah for WHOLE foods!
    I was actually in CENTRAL MARKET while shopping....purchasing WHOLE foods. ;o)
    There is a Whole Foods grocery in Seattle.
    Yes...Doogan has gone with us to Seattle. He loves the ferry! When we're going to Seattle~Bellevue for most of the day I like to leave him at home.
    His trainer~FRIEND drops by and takes him on a hike with her dogs!
    He LOVES that!
    Yes Jeanne~it is so tragic what has happened in Japan.
    Prayers and HEART going out to them all~so sad.

  28. No one has the cute grocery bags that you do! Just adorable ~ :-) LOVE Central Market and we also have a Market Street that is wonderful. It's so refreshing to have these foods available. My heart goes out to Japan and the folks that are in such terrible conditions ~ no fresh water...or very little...small amounts of rice daily and on & on.

    I know you're going to feel better eating this way...I just need to go the whole route myself.


  29. LOVE this post ~ I know you wrote it a while ago....good stuff though. Miss you and NEED to see you for reals like asap!!