HaPPy SpRinG BrEak!

HaPPy SpRing!
This calls for a break!
So we're taking one!
The fur~ball and I are taking a break!
We'll be doing all kinds of things.
walking in the sunshine~
spring cleaning the house~
de-cluttering a bit~
walking...i know i said that already...but we'll be doing lots of that~
eating healthy~
enrolling doogan in the advanced obedience class at Beaujes with miss judith
{{yeah...greg is going to train with the fur~ball}}
sprucing up the outside planters/pots
learning to sew {{excited}}
choosing a sewing machine~
getting back to YOGA~{{that's a biggie}}
and basically doing all the things that make life
Wishing you all...the most delightful of days!
We'll be back before you can say "WOOPSIE~DAISY" a trillion times! ;o)


  1. Happy Spring Break...enjoy! =) XO ~Liz

  2. I recently bought my first sewing machine. Love it! But wow, it is harder than I thought.

    Blessings as your lifestyle only improves with Spring!

  3. Hey Girl! I'm doing some of the SAME things...well almost. Pepper isn't taking any obedience classes. But, I was thinking about giving him a hair cut. I'm not doing yoga...but I decided about ten minutes ago that I would go to the Y tomorrow to walk AND do weights. I am eating healthy (followed by a little chocolate);O. I am decluttering...I just put three more things in the good-bye box before I checked your blog! I have been and will contiue to work on my pots outside. I've been taking a lot of spring pictures of our yard-so pretty right now! And earlier today, I was thinking that I needed to have my sewing machine tuned-up! SEE-I'm (almost) doing the same things ! ;0) HAPPY DAY TO YOU!!!

  4. I know you will have a wonderful spring break! With Greg and Doogan ;o) Enjoy every minute of it!

    I have a beautiful sewing machine that Joe got me for my birthday about six years ago, and I really need to use it more. I used to make shorts for my boys, but then they grew up ;o)

    Can't wait to see what you make at sewing class!! You will inspire me ;o)

  5. Teresa...Have a great spring break My husband & daughter work in the public system here and are on their way back to work in the morning!
    I am so excited you are getting a sewing machine! I had a very fancy one and dropped it (it was 18 years old..but still worked well) then I had to borrow my nieces and hers was only $100.00 ...I have been using it for a year now!!..and it works just great..My sister has a serger & a $100.00 machine and she makes beautiful wedding dresses for a living!
    So buy what you want but it doesn't have to be too costly!
    I am going to give my nieces back or by her a new one...but I saw the same on as hers on sale for $48.00 @ Walmart!
    Can't wait to see what you are going to create! Will you make some new cushions for your home?

  6. Teresa- Have a wonderful Spring break with Doogan..and I am glad Greg is taking the class with him. Wish I could send MyHero to obedience class for husbands...yeah..truly! Enjoy the Spring sunshine...I can't wait til we get some. xxoo Diana

  7. Have a wonderful time recharging!! We will be here when you get back!

  8. Sounds like you have a wonderful Spring Break planned Teresa. Learning to sew sounds like lots of fun. I am with you on sprucing up some planters. Enjoy!

  9. Have a terrific break with your loves...Doogan and Greg!! Sounds like alot of fun!!!

  10. I tried the Justin's..... you were right! I might have to have a spoonful every day for the rest of my life! :-)

  11. Advanced obedience!!! What a good pup :-)

  12. "WOOPSIE~DAISY" ... there ... I said it a trillion times ...
    or maybe you said a bill-jillion times??

    Send some of that sunshine over to us??
    Oh how I long for the sun, spring flowers,
    de-cluttered house, a trained dog
    {does that include a trained husband too??},
    a yoga-body, healthy live-style,
    time to be creative
    {what type of sewing machine are you considering?}.

    I'll just live vicariously through you ...
    is that okay my friend??

    Always looking for the balance ...
    let's catch up soon ~j.

  13. Dear Teresa,
    Have a wonderful Spring Break! Take plenty of pictures so you can share the "good times" with us when you get back. We're going to Orange Beach tomorrow so I'm looking forward to running through the water and playing in the sand with Jackson. Give Doogan a big hug from me and tell Greg that he is a "wonderful" husband for giving so much of his time to train Doogan. We'll be busy making memories! We really miss you three down here in the south. It just hasn't been the same since you've been gone. Love and Miss You, Sherrie

  14. Hi there, I just have to day that I love your blog! It is so bright and fun!! I am happy that Spring is here too...and love all that goes along with it (well except dirty puppy paws!). I wanted to share a little gift with you! Click here

  15. I just got my first sewing maching! I'm SEW excited to get-a-learnin! (sorry, had to do the pun!) Happy Spring!

  16. Happy spring break!!! Yours sounds wonderful!!!

  17. Have oooodles of fun my friend...your sweetpea doogan is sooooo adorable. I want to give him a huge hug.

    Have fun finding the perfect sewing machine....you will have to give her a name. As I know you and her will be spending many a hour together.

    Hugs...hope your days are filled with sun...it is STILL raining up here. xoxoxox

  18. Hi! I'm your newest follower from blogfrog ^_^ I'm loving your blog@, we have loads in common!.

    Enjoy your spring break! have a fab time! ^_^

  19. Hi sweet friend!

    We've been at our time share in Palm Desert for two weeks, so I haven't been on the computer much at all...very unlike me! We're actually in LA tonight and will fly home tomorrow.

    I'm letting George watch sports on tv so I can catch up on my blog reading! LOL I've had fun catching up with you this afternoon. Love your photos, your attitude, and happiness. Love learning as you learn about nutrition and hope you'll share more. Are you losing weight too? Have a wonderful break, but hurry back. You will be missed.


  20. Hi there, I am a new follower and semi-new blogger myself in Seattle. I love how happy and cheerful your blog is!
    ~Kristin :)

  21. Hope you have a super,duper time Teresa! I know you will make the most of every moment. Yes,we can't wait to go to our little cottage,keep your fingers crossed for us for good weather!
    Glad you like my little summer house.I'll do a post on the results of the 'makeover' soon!
    Sending lots of good wishes your way and wags and woofs from Bella.