Fancy PUMPKIN Cupcakes

Can you BELIEVE it!
Can you BELIEVE it!
Take a LOOK at that CUPCAKE!
Can you BELIEVE I created that CUPCAKE!
You may BELIEVE it!
But I just can't BELIEVE it!
I can't BELIEVE...I got that FANCY...with PUMPKIN!
It all began when I decided to WHIP~UP some Pumpkin Bars!
I usually make Pumpkin Bars once or twice a year!
You know.
When making all kinds of YUMMY~ies
with the FLAVOR of the MONTH...
Well~I like to be "hip"...
If you wanna make Pumpkin's what you'll need:
Here's the recipe!
2 cups all purpose flour
1 1/2 cups sugar
2 tsp. baking powder
2 tsp. ground cinnamon
1 tsp. baking soda
1/4 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp nutmeg
1/4 tsp. ginger
4 beaten eggs
16 oz. of pumpkin
1 cup cooking oil
1 tsp. vanilla extract
Cream Cheese Frosting
Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Begin by mixing the dry ingredients together.
Add the flour.
Now add the sugar.
I used unrefined sugar.
Add the remainder of the dry ingredients.
Gently stir.
Take a big whiff!
All those spices dancing about smell so sweet and FALL~ish!
Now mix the wet ingredients together.
Add and beat the eggs.
Now add that BRIGHT~ORANGE pumpkin!
I know!
I said NO~ORANGE PUMPKINS...but I couldn't find WHITE pumpkins
for my PUMPKIN Bars! ;o)
I just LOVE how PUMPKIN makes you feel so HOLIDAY~ish!
Now add the oil.
I used an ORGANIC Canola oil.
Add the vanilla!
Add the dry the wet.
And mix it up!
Now comes the FANCY part!
It was time to grease the 9" x 12" pan.
And I almost did!
I almost did...grease that pan...and pour up this lovely PUMPKIN batter!
But I paused!
I paused and had a moment!
{Do you ever have moments?}
I began visualizing all the BEAUTIFUL ways... 
my LOVELY blogging FRIENDS...
create such FANCI~ful SWEETS!
Like TidyMom!
Take a look at these Halloween CUPCAKEs!
And Janet!
I have always dreamed of creating FANCY cupcakes like these CIRCUS cupcakes!
So I had a moment!
And I scurried to my pantry...and pulled out these!
I know!
I know!
This is getting WAY FANCY!
WAY FANCY for me that is!
All of a sudden I began prancing about like I had discovered a treasure of sorts!
Greg and Doogan even began glancing into the kitchen wondering what was up!
As I began pouring up my little FANCY cakes...
I became GIDDY!
Really I did!
I know you must be thinking I'm making this SILLY~ness up...
but I really really did become completely GIDDY!
Just ask Greg!
And you can ask Doogan too!
When I pulled these little cakes out of the oven...I began singing and dancing 
and prancing about!
I was feeling FANCY...and SASSY!
I could hardly WAIT to ICE these FANCY~CAKES up!
Here's what you will need for the Cream Cheese Frosting:
6 oz. cream cheese
1/2 cup unsalted butter
2 tsp. vanilla
4 1/2 cups SIFTED powdered sugar
***Of course I couldn't resist. I just HAD to double the FROSTING recipe!
Soften the butter and the cream cheese.
Add the vanilla.
Sift the powdered sugar!
Because BRIDGET says so!
And I LIVE to be like BRIDGET! ;o)
Now add all that SWEET~SIFTED Powdered sugar...
to that buttery~creamy cheese mix!
And completely remove the word CALORIES...from your vocabulary!
Do not...think about CALORIES!
And try to resist!
Try to resist diving into that FROSTING bowl!
I promise!
I only plunged head~first into the FROSTING twice!
{See why I doubled the recipe!} ;o)
Now look what I did!
I got FANCY again!
I got my ICING bags out!
And some toasted chopped pecans!
Greg couldn't BELIEVE I was in the kitchen doing such FANCY things!
 I was honestly beside myself!
I kept thinking about the sweet friends I was going to deliver these FANCY~CAKES to!
And I just kept on FROSTING...and ICING...and sprinkling!
Can you believe it!
Can you believe I got so FANCY...with PUMPKIN!
I know you won't believe me...but Greg was honestly glancing at me like he 
was LOVING my FANCY~ness!
And Doogan was wondering what in the WORLD was taking so long!
He kept holding on to his favorite word "WALK" that he had over~heard hours ago!
Hours ago...before I had my moment...and decided to get FANCY!
I don't think Doogan likes it when I get the KITCHEN!
It takes too long!
But he better get used to it!
Cause I'm a FANCY girl now!
I was beyond blissful!
I was thrilled to package these FANCY~Cakes up!
I packaged them up!
So I could share my FANCY~ness with FRIENDs!
I just LOVE sharing FANCY things with FRIENDs!
Wanna know what else I LOVE!
A SWEET~SWEET man that delivers my FANCY~CAKES!
Now that's a MAN~TO~LOVE...don't you think!
Have you gotten FANCY lately?
I'd just adore to know!


  1. Is it time for you to open a bakery?!?! I don't know how you do it, but I wish I could pay you to fancy my kitchen up!!

  2. YES...I wanna lick of that cream cheese frosting! Yum yum yUm...pumpkin with cream cheese frosting, my fAvOrItE!!!!

  3. WOW,Teresa! Those cakes look A..MA...ZING! Loooks like you had such fun making them.I would be very happy if the gorgeous Greg turned up on my doorstep with those! :o)

  4. Love the looks of your FANCY little ole cupcakes...and your fancy little ole man..(not that he's little OR old). You are a good soul to make and deliver those to friends...Now..tell the many did YOU sample?>) I am taking my fancy self off to work this morning..sigh...wish I could stay home and bake cupcakes! Hugs- Diana

  5. Beautiful cupcakes!!! Very fancy!! Great pictures too!

  6. I made those same cupcakes this weekend, they turned out fantastic. Although ,they didn't look quite as pretty as yours! ;)

  7. That is definitely my kinda cupcake! Sooooooo yummy looking...and so perfect for fall!

  8. Nicely done, Ms. Fancy Pants! :-)

  9. Oh my....if you hadn't told me you gave them away, I would've been over later toady! :). Those look absolutely delicious and totally fancy!

  10. You...only you could make something soooo adorable...

    I love these today...PUMPKIN..yummmmmmm...

    What a sweetheart you are to share the JOY!

    Wish I lived closer...I would love to share your JOY!

    Soooooo adorable...I love your deliver man!

    And yes...your black perfectly sweet for Halloween...

    Thank you for sharing....have a great NOVEMBER Day sweet friend. xoxo

  11. Fancy Pants INDEED! YES! I want some FANCY cupcakes!! You are one FANCY GIRL!! And Greg is a very special sweetheart too!!! Wish you were my neighbor!!
    xoxo Jeanne

  12. Teresa they look tasty! I'm licking my lips which is not good - started diet today, as I do every Monday - usually over by Wednesday:) Photography is great, a real feast for the eyes!

  13. I didn't post about FANCY cupcakes :(
    BUT mine WERE super brite and creeeeeepppppyyyy.

    Yours happen to look MUCH MUCH yummier though!

  14. These look so PERFECT! You are an amazingly talented lady for sure..and thanks foe sharing! ;D

  15. Fancy, delicious, beautiful...oh my! Teresa, WHY aren't we neighbors?!?

    And Greg heading out with the basket of goodies! That makes me happy! :) You have a good guy there!

  16. Your photos are always amazing!!! We made some of these recently...although they were not NEARLY so FANCY as yours...very pretty! Anyway, I think I ate them 3 meals a day!!!!!:)

  17. Perfectly Perfect Pumpkin cupcakes! I LOVE it!! Look at you and all your FANCY!! I LOVE what you did with the cupcakes!!......I think I have some papers like that, I need to use them!!

    and I think Greg got lost......he hasn't shown up at my house with that basket yet........just sayin.....

  18. What gorgeous cupcakes!! You are Miss Fancypants!! Don't you just love when something turns out so beautiful! I love how you arranged them on the cake plate tower-perfect for your fancy cupcakes! Enjoy and I'm sure you will!!

  19. Wish I could blink my eyes and have three of those yummy cupcakes appear before me!!!They look so amazing. My sis sure can cook! If I lived in Bainbridge I would be a two ton tessy eating your yummy food. Loved the gourmet baking cups! Where did you get them? Cup cakes are one of the greatest wonders of the world. So cute and so fun to eat. Good thing you stopped to ponder!!!! Love you. Mel

  20. YUM! Cupcaketastic Teresa and guess what (?!) I have just sold a batch of my very own carrot cupcakes in our friend's Salon de The in FRANCE!! I was so sooooo excited :-) Lots of piccies which I am sure you will love on Dolliedaydream this week of their Gite and interiors store x

  21. Those look wonderful and made me hungry. I'm now craving pumpkin cupcakes. So, I will have to try them!

  22. wow! nice work. I just got home from costco and bought that same vanilla : )

    enjoy the sunshine today!!!

  23. Teresa your cupcakes look "perfectly perfect!" and yummy too :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  24. are not only F*A*N*C*Y, you my dear are awfully C*U*T*E. That is simply called "pumpkin magic" ! And that cream cheese icing...AMAZING.
    I have seen your pretty face, often having a cuppa or two around blogland, but this is the first time ringing YOUR door very lovely. Will drop by again on...Rosie

  25. Fancy that! I fancy one of ms fancy pants' fancy cupcakes. Lets bake these fanciful fancy cakes and do a fancy dance! it'll be a fancy-free cupcake making spree!