Anabelle and Finn

I have a little brother!
Meet Justin!
I was 15 years old when Justin was born!
Justin is an artist!
Take a look at what Justin and his wife April brought into the world a few days ago!
Meet Miss Anabelle...and Mr. Finn!
I can't believe I have a new niece and nephew so many miles away.
My sister Melony is lucky!
She got to be in the delivery room with Justin and April!
I had to be on the phone...many many miles away...while all of this was going on.
Lily Martha got CHECKED~OUT from school for the big DELIVERY!
She was THRILLED to welcome her new cousins into the world!
Take a look at my Mother looking down at those little BUNDLES!
And then her big BUNDLE!

In times like this I wish I didn't live so far away.
It's not easy living this far from such an exciting event taking place in your
little brother's life.
But one sweet day Finn and Anabelle will be so fascinated that they have
an AUNTIE that lives way~way~way up in the Northwest!
They can come and visit.
And I'll take them on all my favorite hiking trails!
I think they'll like it here.
Don't you?
I will send them neat things from the bear bells and hiking poles and ski goggles.
Things they don't get to see in the South.
I think these little BUNDLES are the SWEETEST~LUCKIEST little babies in the world.
They have the sweetest Daddy!
Hey...Did I tell you I have a little brother!
My sister sent me some pictures of the nursery!
I just know you will LOVE this nursery!
Everything...and I mean the nursery is VINTAGE!
Can you believe how SWEET this is?
I just KNOW Anabelle and Finn will have the SWEETEST little dreams
in their vintage nursery.
I can't wait to SNUGGLE Anabelle and Finn!
I'm hoping Justin has already whispered in their little ears that they have a
sweet AUNTIE that lives way~way~far~away in the Northwest.
I'm so thankful these little miracles arrived into this big world all safe and sound.
Thank you God for such Sweetness.
I'm blowing these little ANGELS ooodles and ooooodles of sweet KISSES!
Congratulations April and Justin!
I'm absolutely LOVIN' Anabelle and Finn!
I can hardly WAIT to nuzzle my nose on their sweet faces!
What do you think?
Do you think they already know about me...
way~way~way out here in the Pacific Northwest!?


  1. Congratulations Aunti...they are the cutest twins I have ever seen! I think you need to make a beeline to their door for a good long visit! How fun!!! :D

  2. OH MY GOODNESSS!!! double the cuteness for sure! so exciting and happy for you and your family! Congrats!


  3. Oh,Teresa,how exciting! Welcome to the world little Anabelle and Finn,and many congratulations to your brother and his wife.What amazing pictures too and the joy on everyone's faces...just lovely.I hope you'll be able to give those two cuties lots of kisses and cuddles really soon.Being an auntie is very special.I have two nephews and four nieces...oh,and my sister is 13 years younger.
    than me!
    XOXOX :o)

  4. Oh my Word!
    SWEET times a gazillion!!!!
    Love the names they picked...

    Ps...Lovin' they're from the south too!

  5. God, it seems like just 2 years ago, that was me!!!! They are in for the most fun ever! If you want to share my blog, feel free. Having twins is awesome!!! Love the room too!

  6. Oh my goodness, is it possible to have so much cuteness in one room?! They are so adorable, Teresa. Congrats auntie. Not having kids myself, I know how exciting it is to have new nieces and nephews. My mom was reading your blog with me and she said "wow! he makes some cute babies!"...LOL. That's my mom! :-)

  7. So incredibly sweet! Congratulations to your brother, you and your Whole family! What an incredible blessing TIMES TWO!

    I know exactly how you feel being so far away... I am 3,318 miles from those I love most in this world. Not easy...

    Hugs and love to you!

  8. Thank you for sharing your new little darlings here. There is nothing as precious and miraculous as a newborn. Your brother is just so darned cute (handsome really) and I love the look on your Mom's face. How very precious!

    I know that your post is all sweetness and happiness and light-but I know, too, that there must be some very big heartache attached because you aren't there with them. I think it is times like these that we REALLY miss our family. The day to day stuff isn't so bad...but births..and illnesses....and deaths...well, that is when we miss our family the most.

    I have one younger brother (only one sibling) and he is out on the East Coast. I miss him all the time and we have been separated by time and life for 30 years. Family is family is family...and yes, we leave them behind to cleave to our spouse but there is still an ache sometimes.

    Get on a plane...get on a plane soon...get on a plane and go see those babies for yourself...C'moonnnnn Greg- Happy Auntie wants to see dos young'uns! Hugs to you sweet Teresa- Diana

  9. How exciting, they are beautiful!!

  10. Oh my gosh...they are GORGEOUS!!! I love their names, too! Your entire family is just beautiful, Teresa! I know they'll be coming to visit their Auntie Teresa in no time! ♥

    PS....LOVE that vintage nursery! So sweet!

  11. They are ADORABLE!! Congratulations, Auntie! :-)

  12. Congrats on the ADORABLE baby niece and nephew!!! They have got to be the sweetest and cutest little babies! I'm sure your little brother has already told him a out their FABULOUS aunt in the NW!!

    Have a great weekend :)

  13. Oh Teresa beautiful...just beautiful :)

  14. Awww...what a PROUD auntie you are! I KNOW the feeling. Thank God for being able to capture those Kodak moments!

  15. Congratulations, Auntie! They are so gorgeous! Your brother makes some good lookin' babies!

  16. they are so precious!
    and i am in love with their 100% vintage nursery.
    i recognize a lot of those items, they take me back to growing up. love love love!
    also i think that one close-up shot was just for you. a little "west-side" action for ya. see they're already fans of their auntie in the great northwest. (:

  17. Teresa! My most heartfelt congratulations!!! They are just the sweetest twins!!! How wonderful that we get to share the joy!! You have a beautiful family! I bet your little brother has already told them ALL about you!!! And the nursery is delightful!!

  18. I have to say they are soooo adorable! your brother is probably walking on the clouds right now! Congrats to you and all ur family ♥

    I think its deff a bby boom going on.
    I became an auntie for the first time 3 months ago and its the best feeling :)


  19. ..They are sooo cute...& their Room! ...lucky babies...they will love coming to visit you!

  20. CONGRATS on such special news Auntie! I'm sure that even though you're far away they will know all about you and you'll still spoil them from afar! :) They're adorable and I love their nursery!!!

  21. Congratulations Auntie Teresa!!..those wee ones are absolutely all must be so thrilled and over the top proud!!
    I Love Love Love that sweet vintage nursery.
    Cheers :))

  22. Teresa ~ Well ...
    C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! ! !

    What a beautiful family you have...
    And it's no surprise ... those cute genes run in your family!

    What tender little bundles of God's Joy these two babies are!
    And you all must be so thrilled and filled with love for them.

    Their nursery is out of a magazine! Such lucky little ones they are!

    Sending you joy from the east coast!
    If you look up, you'll see the confetti floating your way!

    God bless you and Greg as you hold hand {even though from a distance} with the rest of the family in thanking God for these two healthy babies!

  23. Beautiful babies and beautiful nursery! It's hard being so far away from family -- we live thousands of miles away from everyone... Thank goodness for pictures, the internet, and skype ;)

  24. OMG how ADORABLE!!! (we have a new little Finn in our family that name) and that nursery....I would love to have that for MY room! haha

    I know you are just dying to go visit!!!.....what lucky babies to have such an AWESOME Aunt!

    Thanks for linking up Teresa!!

  25. Yay for Auntie T! You are so lucky to have such precious twins in your family!! CONGRATS!

  26. Now this is my favourite post of yours my dear...congratulations to you Auntie and to the family! What fun...but I feel sad that you are so far just need to pop on home for a visit!

    Hugs to you sweet one....happy weekend! love their names.

  27. Huge congratulations Aunty Teresa!!! How exciting, they are both just gorgeous, and I'm sure you will get to meet them very soon! I am practically moving into that vintage nursery -how cute? The photos of your lovely family are fantastic - please send any spare brothers you have to me in the UK!! Happy Saturday and love to Doogan from Alfie xxx

  28. Cute babies. I love the names, too. ROLL TIDE from a fellow Tide fan.

  29. Congratulations on becoming an auntie. I became one again last year, and it is great because you get all the fun, but don't get the hard work. Love the nursery too, I'm sure the babies will be well pleased with it.

  30. Congrats!! What big news!! :) I'm so sorry you had to miss out on such a special occasion, but your family did a great job sending you wonderful photos so you can feel like you were there too! I hope you get to see their tiny fingers and toes soon! :D

  31. Loving you new look on here -but I am loving those babies MORE! Oh my goodness, are they just sweet or what?! I hope you are able to see them soon and take in all the new yummy baby smell and snuggles! Congratulations!

  32. Congrats Auntie! They're just beautiful! And that is SO gorgeous!

  33. Congratulations auntie! Congratulations to your brother and his wife too. I'm the mama of twins, and it really is special to be able to bring home two babies at one time.
    P.S. It's tiring too. One of the best things I learned was that when one woke up in the night for a feeding, to wake the other one up too. Otherwise, you can be up all night. I never scheduled my other kids, but it worked oh so well for the twins :-)

  34. They are absolutely adorable! Congratulations!!