Nutter Doodles (Grain & Dairy Free)

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You won't believe this but I made it through "Easter Candy Season" without a malted egg.

That's like a full-fledged miracle.

Greg even brought home Little Rae's bunny cookies, but somehow I passed them by.

Surprisingly, I'm more determined than ever to stay the course, eliminating grains, dairy and added sugars. I say "surprisingly" because I'm honestly surprising myself. I've tried to do a Whole30 several times and have never made it for the entire 30 days. A month or so ago I decided to stop setting myself up for failure. Instead of attempting another Whole30, I would simply cut out grains, dairy and added sugars. There's really not that much difference, other than Stevia in my coffee with a splash of cream and the occasional squirt of ketchup.
Miraculously I'm adapting to living grain and dairy free 80-90% of the time.

Which brings me to these cookies!
I've made several batches and honestly, they're one of the best cookies I've ever eaten. Especially if you're looking for a cookie with no grain or dairy.

Even if you're eliminating added sugars, you may be safe to splurge on these beauties occasionally. The recipe calls for coconut sugar which is a caramel colored granulated sweetener. Much like Stevia it can be used as a substitute for white refined sugar.

Here's what you need for these Paleo friendly cookies:
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Nutter Doodles
Makes about 3 dozen cookies.
Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
2 cups raw almonds
1/2 cup raw cashews
1/2 cup coconut sugar (plus more for rolling cookies)
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon kosher salt
1 extra-large egg
1/2 cup melted coconut oil
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
Line baking sheet with parchment paper.  photo IMG_1979Blog Folder 3_zpsto1wfhjv.jpg Melt the coconut oil.
Add almonds and cashews to food processor.  photo IMG_1960Blog Folder 3_zps3dhsazoo.jpg Pulse the nuts until they grind into a meal.  photo IMG_1967Blog Folder 3_zpsxpyz67m8.jpg  photo IMG_1970Blog Folder 3_zpsjn1g5iiq.jpg  photo IMG_1977Blog Folder 3_zps5utapebb.jpg Add almond/cashew flour (Yes. You just made roughly ground almond flour.) to medium size bowl. Add coconut sugar, cinnamon and salt to the almond flour.
Mix dry ingredients together. photo IMG_1982Blog Folder 3_zpsxy06j8iu.jpg  photo IMG_1988Blog Folder 3_zpskhdtphbx.jpg
Using an electric mixer, beat the egg, coconut oil and vanilla.
Add dry ingredients.
 photo IMG_2000Blog Folder 3_zpshvpasasm.jpg Blend until combined.
Take a bite of that dough!
So good!  photo IMG_2010Blog Folder 3_zpseskpjhdn.jpg Scoop dough and roll each ball of dough in coconut sugar.  photo IMG_2023Blog Folder 3_zpsqfx5zrjc.jpg Place cookies on baking sheet 2 inches apart.  photo IMG_2018Blog Folder 3_zpsorkzyzvd.jpg  photo IMG_2025Blog Folder 3_zpszufhk5va.jpg Bake at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes.  photo IMG_2030Blog Folder 3_zpst8wnbimc.jpg Let the cookies sit on baking sheet for several minutes to crisp up a bit.
Transfer to cooling rack.  photo IMG_2033Blog Folder 3_zpshz92legb.jpg These may not be the prettiest cookies you'll ever bake, but they may be the healthiest!
And honestly.
So chewy and scrumptious!
You will LOVE this recipe!
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Cream of Chicken and Fennel Soup

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This soup!
It's soooooooo good!
We seriously can't get enough!
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It's Paleo and Whole30 compliant.
The recipe does call for ghee, which is technically dairy (clarified butter), but ghee has been Whole30 approved. It's perfect for adding flavor and sauteing veggies at high temperatures.
Steph, at Stupid Easy Paleo, explains why ghee is such a healthy fat and a "star" in her Paleo kitchen.
Here's what you'll need to make this rich and creamy soup.
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2 fennel bulbs, roughly chopped
4-5 cups chicken stock
1 medium size sweet onion, roughly chopped
2 cups sliced carrots
3 - 4 cups diced, cooked chicken
2 tablespoons coconut oil
1 heaping tablespoon ghee
2 cups light coconut milk
1/2 cup whole fat coconut milk
2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
2 teaspoons fennel seed powder
1-2 teaspoons kosher sea salt
1 cup snow peas
3  tablespoons chopped feathery part of fennel (optional for topping)
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Without a doubt, fennel is the show-stopper in this soup!
 photo IMG_1888Blog Folder 3_zps01hldxcx.jpg Try and find the fennel seed powder at a local, high quality, spice shoppe. I've been purchasing spices from World Spice Merchants in Seattle right behind Pike Place Market.
 photo 0a0a7_zpsxctlou8s.jpg
Begin by cutting off stalks from the fennel.
Reserve feathery tops for garnish.
Cut the fennel bulbs in half. Discard tough cores. Roughly chop about 2 cups of fennel. Add coconut oil and ghee to dutch oven.
Allow the fats to melt on medium high heat. Add fennel, onion and carrots to the pot.
 photo 0a0a8_zpsz5izpbwz.jpg
Cook veggies on medium heat for about 10 minutes until tender. Add the diced chicken and chicken stock. I used homemade chicken stock but store bought is yummy too.  photo IMG_1911Blog Folder 3_zpsp8wm5lgl.jpg Cook on medium high heat for 15 minutes.
Gradually add light coconut milk.
 photo IMG_1915Blog Folder 3_zpspwjuscqk.jpg Scoop up 1/2 cup full-fat coconut milk from top of can.  photo IMG_1921Blog Folder 3_zpswowmanaa.jpg Stir in coconut milk.
Keep stirring until soup thickens. photo IMG_1925Blog Folder 3_zpst9aaomuv.jpg
Add the fennel seed powder, fresh lemon juice and sea salt.
 photo IMG_1931Blog Folder 3_zpsiukyxnoh.jpg Trim and discard the ends from snow peas.
 photo IMG_1904Blog Folder 3_zps3kgdvtid.jpg
Cut the snow peas into thirds or leave them whole.
Add snow peas to the soup and cook for about 2 minutes until tender.
 photo IMG_1935Blog Folder 3_zpsk4mcuzmh.jpg Season with a bit more sea salt and freshly ground pepper.
Garnish with sprigs of fennel tops if desired.  photo IMG_1937Blog Folder 3_zpsd6ecblxm.jpg
Perfect for a cool night.
Extra hearty and plenty healthy!
Absolutely scrumptious!
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