Whole30 Kale Scramble

Whole30 Kale Scramble
It's so not easy.

Whole30 that is.
Or anything that restricts the consumption of processed, sugary, highly acidic, inflammatory foods.

Why is it so challenging to eat only whole foods for thirty days?
Why is it so difficult to give up sugar and alcohol and grains and legumes and dairy and treats?
It's a total mind game.
It has nothing to do with not being able to "physically" let go.
It's all about programming your mind to appreciate what you can enjoy on Whole30. Not looking at it as what you can't have, but embracing all the foods that will heal your body, not hurt it.
Also reminding yourself of why you started the Whole30 and all the ways it's going to benefit your long range health and fitness goals.

This morning I whipped up a kale scramble.
All you need is:
1 tablespoon coconut oil
orange and red peppers
purple onion
green onion
several handfuls of kale
organic bacon
1 egg
 photo 000a4_zpsf444d6cc.jpg
I like to fry up a batch of bacon and keep it in the fridge for topping salads and veggies.
 photo 000a15_zps4d2eb914.jpg
Pour up the bacon grease and save it to flavor sauteed veggies and soups.
Give the pan a swipe and add coconut oil to pan for sauteing.
Roughly chop peppers, onions and kale.
Saute peppers and onions for five minutes just until slightly transparent.
 photo 0000a2_zpsaef9253b.jpg Add several handfuls of chopped kale.
 photo 00002_zps5e4e5a7f.jpg
Once the kale has sauteed down, pour veggies in a bowl.
Fry the egg sunny side up. Top veggies with egg and bacon.  photo 000a0_zpsc31dc382.jpg
 photo 000a8_zpsf918d083.jpg  photo 000a7_zpsfd42e56b.jpg
Toss veggies with the lusciousness of the runny yolk.
 photo 000a6_zps1730ed59.jpg Seriously delish!
Are you seeing a pattern here?
Runny yolks are M A G I C!
 photo 000a15_zps6fc5befc.jpg
 photo 0aaa10a_zps30d55a68.jpg
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Whole30 Breakfast Bowl

 Whole30 Breakfast Bowl ;; Blooming on Bainbridge
H A P P Y   N E W   Y E A R   FRIENDS!!!
Yeah for new beginnings!

Speaking of beginnings. I'm re-beginning my Whole30 today!
I cheated yesterday, which was New Year's Day, and there's NO cheating on WHOLE30.
You heard me. Absolutely no cheating is allowed. I didn't come up with the rules. Read the book! Cheating for me yesterday was all about GOOD LUCK for 2015!
I mean I can't go without black-eyed peas on New Year's Day! My mamaw always made sure we were having black-eyed peas on New Years!
Everything else on the menu was Whole30 compliant.
I made NomNom Paleo's Korean Slow-Cooker Short Ribs and they were fabulous!
Also sauteed collard greens that turned out scrumptious. I'll be sharing the recipe this week.

At least I didn't really blow it and make cornbread.
By the way. This Cornbread 101 "How To" has gone totally viral on Pinterest. Just saying. It has.
But we're not talking about southern cornbread, are we?

One thing I've learned about eating the Paleo diet is that just because it's breakfast doesn't mean you have to eat a traditional breakfast. You don't even have to refer to breakfast as "breakfast." You can call it meal one or morning meal. I like this idea because it relieves your mind from believing that just because it's morning you have to eat traditional breakfast things.

For meal one you may chose to eat left-over soup from the day before.
You may also chose to top a big bowl of greens with an egg and organic sausage.
That's what I do!
And it's so satisfying and delish.

Here's what you need to make a Paleo/ Whole30 bowl full of green goodness!
1 tablespoon coconut oil (I use Nutiva)
Chopped raw veggies of choice (purple onion, green onions, red peppers)
Spinach or greens of choice
Extra large organic egg
Drizzle of Bragg's apple cider vinegar
Sprinkle of sea salt (Real Salt is so good)
Black pepper
Organic (locally made if possible) sausage
 Whole30 Breakfast Bowl ;; Blooming on Bainbridge
First thing to do is brown the sausage.
I like to add green onions to ground meat while browning. Green onions add a punch of flavor to the meat and it's always good to toss in veggies when you can.
Set the browned sausage aside.

Toss several handfuls of green in a bowl.
Drizzle apple cider vinegar over greens and sprinkle with sea salt.
Toss in raw veggies.
Add coconut oil to heated skillet for frying egg.
Fry the egg SUNNY-side up. You want a runny yolk.
Top the greens with egg.
Whole30 Breakfast Bowl ;; Blooming on Bainbridge
Sprinkle a little browned sausage on top along with a bit more salt and freshly ground black pepper.
Now comes the scrumptious part.
Cut into the egg and swoon as the deliciousness of that slightly cooked yolk, oozes all over those greens.
Toss until your heart's desire.
Whole30 Breakfast Bowl ;; Blooming on Bainbridge
Such a healthy, delicious way to begin the day.
Here's to getting in those greens!
Here's to 2015 being THE YEAR we live FIT and GROW STRONG!
Stronger than ever before!
In all aspects of our lives!
LIVE strong!
PLAY strong!
LOVE strong!
BE strong!
 Whole30 Breakfast Bowl ;; Blooming on Bainbridge
Happy New Year my friends!
 photo 0aaa10a_zps8870ddb0.jpg
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